View Full Version : ranking has nothing to do with anything other than to keep n00bs happy

01-22-2013, 11:03 PM
i just played a 4 vs us three when they had a ranking number 35, which does not mean squat to me since i respect the player not the number, and several others in clans and beat their 4 when we were a man down for a long time.

Did i get any score for beating a supposedly superior team when i even had one player less for most of the time? NO. So go and stuff it with you AC3 crap. I wont be buying the next one for sure. I dont even play this one

What did i do? Left the game in disgust that i was even tempted to play this awful game that is freakign catering to the n00bs and people who have not been loyal to thsi franchise.

Top 100. Does that look like anything the past top 100 have looked like. Ok. Dotn count the boosters and they are back in ACB i see.

What the heck has this game become other than people running around aimlessly with no purpose exposing themselves? And you dare call this game Assassin's Creed ffs?

Furthermore. You have sealed my decision to NOT buy any other titles that YOU in particular produce since you came up with a new privacy policy that i am not exatly sure of signing yet since you are collecting info and USING it. I deferred reading but copied it to a text file. WTF?