View Full Version : (IDEA) Another AC Universe Social Game

01-22-2013, 05:05 PM
After the great success of AC Project Legacy, I believe a future sequel or upcoming installment is greatly appreciated and desired by some, of the AC community and would allow Ubisoft to loosen some Plot points that greatly need to be addressed. As some of the main modern day storyline and by adding another Facebook game, or Android mobile game they could within, of course the normal 1-2 year development cycle produce a social game based on AC universe letting us view different ancestors, thereby giving the fans the ability to experience some of our favorite time periods while they would work on DLC, Assassin Creed and other Ubisoft owned titles And have a social multiplayer similar to Liberations but including challenges and leaderboards relating to total synced memories, 100%, weapons used and frequent time spend on the social game etc. they could also tie in other ancestors we never had played with ex. Russian assassin, the Chinese assassin from Embers etc. basically to ease the development of future assassin creed titles give us a ever evolving social platform that will allow us to go in depths of the Assassin Creed Universe database .