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01-21-2013, 09:37 PM
So there are many, many games that take place in real world locations, Crysis 2, the the modern warefares (i think) take place in New York, LA noire takes place in LA, and so many more, but one thing that Assassin's creed does that no other game can is make the places feel real and... well make me want to go there.

So right now in my ancient history class we are learning about the 3rd crusade and since I played so much AC, when the video we were watching said "Than King Richard gathered his army full of crusading knights and drove off towards Jaufa" I instantly yelled out "King Richard takes Jaufa and Sala-hadine rides to meat him! stop the Christian king and his infidel army!" I knew I could get away with it because our history teach plays allot of AC and talks about it sometimes. But I related the events of the movie in with the game it helped me understand it so much.

After playing AC2 so much I can now look at a picture and tell you what city it's from, this came in real handy when in geography we were having a quiz on historical landmarks from europe, I got all the ones from Constatinoble, Rome, Vience, and Florence. While learning about Rome and the myth of Romulus killing his brother and being raised by wolves I instantly remembered the Cult of Romulus and was able to make a connection again.

Well, last year in October we started learning in American history about... well the "shot heard around the world" I instantly turned to my friend and said "It was an Assassin" than low and behold AC3 takes place in the Revolution! Now the scary part, during the night ride mission it was pretty much how Imagined it, same with the attack at concord, and the bustling of New York and Boston were just as I imagined it as well in history.

I can truly say that the AC series has given me better marks and a better understanding of history. Why do you guys love the AC series? No hate guys!

01-22-2013, 09:47 AM
i love it because you visit virtually real places and historical times. i like the story combined with myth and history and real person, like richard the lionheart or borgia or washington. it is a differnce if you play agains hobbits or orks or person who lived really. the history is a big part for me why i play the AC games.but i am history buff. i was itnerested for example in the crusades long before AC1, liek reading books and watching documents about it and still i am. I always wanted a game where you can play in the holy land during the 3r crusade and then there came AC1 :) But the action/stealth is also very important of course.

01-22-2013, 12:03 PM
Same here!
Next spring i'm even going on a two week motorcycle trip to Italy and visit all major locations from Assassin's Creed plus some other locations.
I've been wanting to visit Italy once since i was a young lad and playing through the AC series has only added to that!

SuperLoboMau 25
01-22-2013, 04:06 PM
AC is a franchise that makes me feel, I almost cried in revelations end. I stayed perplexed in AC3's end, but was cool. I like the reasons of the Assassins fight for, Altair fought for recover honor, Ezio for revenge, Connor for freedom and equality, but all of them fought for justice.
The mithology of the game is amazing, I mean the concept of what an assassin is.
And to finish, the freedom the game gives you to kill your target in stealth or in an open combat and a lot of weapons disposables.

01-22-2013, 04:14 PM

the developers made a very good job. i admit and respect for examplke that they used medieval map of jerusalem to build it as most realistic as possible. i admit that they fly to italy and made photos of venrice, florence, rome to use them as skin for the buldings to be as realsitic as possible. i like it how they buidl bsoten, new york, etc. its is fantastic!!! the naval battles, the combat, very good, the history and story. excellent!!! perfect job and i hope they go to continue this way. what i dislike in brotherhood and reveleatiosn was that you had to repair buildings, it was nice and fun in ac2, but it is enough and diliked it very much in brotherhood and revelations.