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01-20-2013, 05:40 AM
Feel free to add your own opinions. I'm just going to write an essay on what I think should be done to the combat and stealth.


Tweak the stats of weapons. The only useful stats are "speed" and "combo" in AC3. Higher "speed" (faster attacks) and lower "combo" (less attacks required for an execution) are the only useful stats. Higher combo is meant to be a good statistic because it allows Connor to deal more damage to his enemies, but all it does is slow down combat. Pontiac's War Club only requires 2 swings to perform an execution, while Washington's Battle Sword (the "best" weapon in the game, statistically) requires 4-5. The "damage" stat has been pointless since kill-streaks were introduced to the series.
Make countering more reliant on timing. AC3 has increased the counter's timer drastically, making countering too easy. Parrying is useless in AC3 thanks to the gigantic window of time given when you counter.
Players should have to time their attacks to perform executions and continue kill-streaks. AC1's combat arguably the best in regards to playing offensively. Pressing square/X the moment the attack lands always felt smooth and skillful in AC1. The combat should use this gameplay mechanic so players can't simply mash square/X in between attacks to get kill-streaks.
Make enemy attacks and counters more punishing. This makes the player more cautious, and would make being outnumbered a much more dangerous situation for the average player. The way health was implemented in AC3 was probably the best in the whole series in my opinion, because it didn't make you feel as invincible as Ezio was (but Connor still feels invincible anyways). I always laughed whenever there was an event in the story where Connor/Ezio would say that fighting their way through waves of enemies to get to the target was impossible. If combat was more punishing, it would also add more use for your recruits as well.
Keep the secondary weapons. They are implemented very well in AC3 and are very fun/handy to use.
Put dodging back into the game. I'm not quite sure why this was removed from combat. It would've been more useful in AC3 that the other games due to the change to the counter system.

In missions were you cannot be detected, players should be given a very short amount of time (about 0.5 to 1 second) before they are desynchronized. This way, you don't have to restart just because one guard saw you a millisecond before he was killed.
Make weather affect enemies' line of sight. Rain and snowfall should serve as more than just a cosmetic effect. It should mask the player's movement by causing the SSI bar to fill more slowly, or to decrease the line of sight.
Mobile hide spots need to be fixed. Hiding in tall grass/bushes shouldn't make you completely invisible to enemies. It's ridiculous that a bunch of guards can walk into tall, green grass, but they can't see a man dressed in white robes hiding within. It would be simple enough to just make them instantly detect the player if they wander close enough into the grass/bushes.
Add a stealth mode (like Elder Scrolls or Hitman) that functions just like mode other games. This mode technically exists in the game already (sneaking around in mobile hide spots or during the beginning of mission where Haytham and the group attack the slave convoy).

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