View Full Version : Feedback for Ubisoft

01-20-2013, 12:39 AM
I just finished installing Assassin's Creed 3 which I downloaded from Ubisoft. Everything went well except for one major failure on Ubisoft's part. The installation left 15.4GB of crap inside a temporary directory, specifically, appdata > local > temp > AC3. I don't know why the 16GB of RAR files weren't enough to install the games from but I chose to download the files and install the game onto my HDD for a reason. I don't feel like my SSD space is well spent with a game of this size, particularly considering I'll play through it once and probably never look back.

I thought I would be okay but apparently I still had to lose some SSD space. This computer less than a month old and so I still have about 50GB left on my 128GB SSD but I can understand why people wouldn't think to keep 20GB of space free just in case some legendarily bad installer needs to drop some temp files into it.

So here's my two cents. Ubisoft: You need to re-do the installation process for Assassin's Creed 3 and any other game that does this as well. Do this for future AND current games because this is just ridiculous. Either your installer bricks someone's computer when they don't have 16GB left on the main drive (a lot of people use SSD's for the OS nowadays and they're small enough that it isn't reasonable to demand that people keep this much free space) or your installer throws a fit and refuses to work until a bunch of files are moved away long enough to run the installation. A 16GB download, then a 15.4GB extraction to a temp directory and THEN a 16GB installation? That's just bad. Ask valve about how they distribute Steam games because they've found a way to have the download and installation happen at the same time.

Also: If you're going to use a temp directory, write a few extra lines into your installer and have the files deleted when you're finished with them. Temp is short for temporary. I empty the temp folders regularly but some people don't.