View Full Version : My gripes about the game

01-19-2013, 11:10 PM
I have only done Sequence 7 of main story and side missions up to date, and my gripes about the game so far:

- I whistle from a corner, 2 guards investigate, can't do the corner kill, if I do I then start a fight, or worse fail due to being detected.
- I whistle close enough from a haystack and nothing it seems they are scripted to walk in their path and that is it.
- Cannot whistle from a bush.
- I was a doing mission, and the 100% sync was do not get detected, on the ship I was hanging off the ledge, the 2 guards had their back to me, not moving, I climb aboard they detect me!
- In Revelations, the arrow was a 1 shot kill, now it takes 2 and after the first you are detected.
- Poison dart's range has been reduced, making it harder to get close, shoot it and avoid detection from others.
- Notoriety 3, try and bribe, fine need to be be clear of guards, fight but they keep spawning.
- Can't crouch behind a rock or the wall when taking over a fort.
- While taking over a fort all I heard was ""Find him and crack his skull" repeatedly.

Despite the above, I am loving it, loving the side missions, my game time according to the stats is so far: 46:23:48 - and still have loads to do!

After finishing it, I will play it again, just the story, so I can understand it better and not be strayed by side missions.