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01-18-2013, 12:43 PM
(reposted according to moderator wish).

Hello, Ubi.

This is collective review from Russian fans, taken from our fan-club. Here we have a lot of people who found AC series attractive and lovely. While you have been making the real games for us, we were with you and bought all what we could and supported you but AC3 puts us in real depression. To be honest we cannot understand even now, how you could get this loser game and awful product. Please be informed that it's not just bad emotions because we waited for another game. No. It's real feedback for you from our side.

All serious and critical mistakes in AC3 can be splited in two groups, let say "Programming" and "Design and scenario". Let's take a look.

Sorry for my english, I'm new here))

1. Programming errors.
Please provide additional punish for your testers because so many bugs were made that we still thinking about executing game one more time with recording of this bugs to avi files.

1.1. Fighting.
Fighting is a center main bahavior for AC3 and is very important for all gamers here. And you did it. You recreated the system of fighting control. Design of battles is very interesting, thanks here but performing is awful.
1.1.1. "E" letter doesn't work in time when you lost first strike and get damage. If it's what you want, why do you show red marker about future atack - we cannot block this strike because we lost first one.
1.1.2. Some enemies attacked without marker. Is it design? So in this case marker makes no sense, why do you use it?
1.1.3. Animals. We understand that bears and wolfis should attack but pushing correct buttons to block attack can follow to it works or to it doesn't work. It doesn't care, am I late or not, random behavior of fighting control here makes this fight down and I load control point because I know if one wolf put my health to 1% the next wolf will kill me for sure (tested).

1.2 Invisibility
1.2.1 Enemies can see us throught the wood walls. If you meant trought the holse in walls, why can they see not from all wood walls with the same models?
1.2.2 Enemies can detect you throught the houses and on straight street with large distance or with small. You cannot realise the distance from which they detect you. It's always different. It makes no sense))
1.2.3 After detecting me, I stay behind the corner of some hous. Enemy comes to me and doesn't see me at all. It start going away and BOO, he sees me now.
1.2.4 Hiding in civilian crew doesn't work. Tommis can see us anyway.

1.3. Horses.
It's very very funny. Please kill the guys who created horses in AC3.
1.3.1 Carriages can shift horses who stay. Shift goes with 10 meters, - ))) LOL.
1.3.2 You cannot realise if your horse is able to go here, it just get in stuck and cries.
1.3.3 LOL In bottle horse goes with you and you cannot attack the enemies because it blocks you.
1.3.4 Horse is immortal because after getting shot it stays up and proceeds.
1.3.5. Very often you cannot sit on horse, just doesn't work "Space".

1.4. Moving.
Critical issue here
1.4.1 You always try to go straight but meet different objects and and have to stay. Objects are: terrain, boxes, people etc. It's very bad for time missions.
1.4.2 The error that was detected in previous parts - "Buffer overflow". When you push right mouse button and "w" to move straight it doesn't go or after you release buttons it proceed moving, also detected in battles.

2. Design and scenario mistakes.

Actually we are thinking to ourselves that AC3 was purchased by USA goverment to provide additional history education to teenagers but it's ok. Everybody know who is Leonardo Da Vinchi or Makiavelli. 80% of persons in AC3 are unknown for us and actually we don't remember them now so it brings additional confuse for us. But it's up to you.

2.1. We were very upset when discovered that Apstergo is one oldman and 50 gurads and we fought with this guys for 4 parts of AC, is it normal? We ran away from them in AC2 but why if now we know that we can kill them all by only one Desmond. You drop the main enemy (Apstergo) with 5 mintus of gaming, - )))
2.2. Story with first man (gods) is awful, it so unreal and not funny.
2.3. You replace the classic super mission in undergrounds with missions in Brazil etc..it's bull **** and not funny.
2.4. You have created a lot of collecting missions that don't give you anything - weapon, additional armor or something. It just for children who have a lot of time for nothing.
2.5. Where is story of love?
2.6. Taking forts are not interesting...I can just kill all..no..I have to kill all because invisibility works bad.
2.7 I can call only one assassin to help and it doesn't take all enemies to him..he doesn't help me.
2.8. Huge area in forest is useless also as hunting, I don't need it.
2.9 We feel serioud insufficiant money. Hunting? No, it's to less and not funny.
2.10 Weapon..to less and became worse. I cannot kill two guys in fall from roof. We could do it from previous parts and it's very cool.
2.11 Super cool views from tall object, houses that were in AC2 now gone, why? Now we look at only snow desert..awfull.
2.12 the main line in scenario is very poor, we speak with many people and don't feel changing of situation in cities in our assasins team.
2.13 We were running on beautifull cities in Europe (Rome, Florence etc) and now we are running on some villages...awfull.
2.14 Archer. Miss, not damage arching. Why?
2.15 Where are the interesting missions, not like all missions. Here we see only fight, fight, fight.
2.16 Running on trees. WHY? It's not funny and you have trees only in some locations and everybody sees you when you are on tree.

Thanks for ships fighting. Maybe you should create a game like "World of old ships". But you could do it better with for example crew amount, type of ships and assassin calling from water.

2.17 Where are collective missions when you fight with your guys...very few and you cannot control them, they always die.
2.18 WE CANNOT ESCAPE FROM PURSUIT. We tested and found out that you can escape only in the end of cities, because even if they lost you, they will find you and there are to many enemies on street. Earlier I can make two rings around enemies and sit or hide in carriage. And now? Besides Tommis detect you to fast.
2.19 Why should I switch to horse calling throught "r" to long?

This is the main bugs and awful behavior in game.
We home that you will do the real good game of this genre, like AC4 and always with you.

You lovely fans from Russia and me, Nikolay.