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01-17-2013, 06:35 PM
Abstergo rank is the only decent leaderboard or ranking system in AC3, and its so broken. Usually it's just bad enough to complain about, but today I experienced the most frustrating issue yet and have decided to break down the issues I've noticed.

The issue with Free For All:
This morning I did a custom search for Deathmatch. Before the match I saw that my abstergo score was 5327. It put me in a full room with some high ranked players (similar to myself, which is rare). I was able to pick my character but before it even loaded the match I got dropped, "disconnected from the host" and returned to the custom match menu. I did another search, got put in the same room with the same result. Then I search the new maps to avoid that lobby. I was put into a team game (against my will and contrary to my deathmatch search). There were 16 seconds left when the map loaded. The endo of game summary showed my points to be even (as it should for an incomplete match) but my score was 140 pts lower than it was when i first booted the game. This was obviously from the match i was dropped from twice. I did another search for a deathmatch on the original maps, got put into the same room as the first time, experienced the same issue, and lost 70 more Abstergo points. ( BTW, The way to avoid this happening again is to give negative feedback to one of the players in that room. On XBL it tries to avoid that player and will usually find another lobby) All in all, I spent about 5 minutes simply searching for a match and lost over 200 abstergo points in doing so. This will take me 10 matches straight of nothing but 1st place wins in deathmatch just to make up. Thats over an hour and a half of flawless winning because I mostly play deathmatch. Once I reached about the top 10% in Abstergo rank I rarely find a match with someone higher ranked than me. This means that getting first place nets about +20 and getting second place gets me between -10 and -60. God forbid i have a bad match in the middle of a series of wins because 5th place can lose much more.

The issue with teams:
My most common problem is, again, that I have a high rank so I lose a lot of points for a loss and gain very little for a win. In team games its worse though. I can lose up to 140 points for one loss just because my team mates are bad or the teams are uneven. One day, I was put into Domination (when searching for deathmatch, due to the horrible community split caused by the DLC). I had one teammate. The other team had four low ranked players. My teammate left immediately. But I know I cant quit because I will definitely lose points. So I stuck around hoping more players would join. No such luck. I lost in about 4 minutes because its impossible to secure even a single zone when its's 4v1. This caused my Abstergo score to drop 120 points. Thats pretty crappy as far as i see it. This is a constant issue. And if by chance i win in such a mismatch, the reward is usually +20 because my rank is higher than anyone on the other team. I also have some friends that i play teams with. they are lower ranked and not as good as me but i love playing with them. They also lose 120 pts when we dont win, even if everyone on the other team is higher ranked than them but slightly lower than me. It feels like a lose-lose situation. I try to tell them to disregard the abstergo score, but its the only valid ranking system in the game.

I just wish there was a decent ranking system on this game. All the other leaderboards are based on highest score in a game mode and, to me, thats more of a minor statistic than something to base leaderboards on. What i really used to like (and i dont know why they got rid of it) was the templar rankings from the DLC on Brotherhood. They took your top three scores from each week and averaged it with the top three scores from each the previous two weeks and put people in a specific templar rank. Then they tried to match similar ranks together. this made for some of the most competitive multiplayer matches i ever been in. That ranking system would lessen the incentive to boost because cheaters dont want to be matched with the genuinely higher ranked players, and they would have to boost every week to keep up the status. This also allows players who have taken a few weeks off of the game a little time to work their way back up the ladder.

Anyway, I doubt anyone at ubisoft gives a flaming goats kneecaps about my issues with the ranking system, and I will never send another support ticket because, even when there is a simple fix to my issues, they never say anything more than "we are aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it". I learned this about three years ago with splinter cell. ubisoft games are the most creative, original and fun games on the market. but they also have some of the worst issues with lag, ranking and allowing and rewarding cheaters of any game on the market.

01-17-2013, 08:32 PM
I used to care about the abstergo ladder... but then I took an arrow to the knee.

The system is broken on all consoles, the only way to do well is win every session, never quit, have an impeccable internet connection, join non-buggy servers and never leave the multiplayer, or you will lose 1200 POINTS OVERNIGHT LIKE I DID

You shouldn't care about abstergo score as it generally isn't an accurate representation of skill. Some of the best players in the world aren't even ranked as 'Professional' something which most noobs who put an hour into the mp can manage.

01-17-2013, 08:42 PM

but regardless, abstergo ladder LOL

it's not borderline dismissable, it just plain IS.

01-17-2013, 08:49 PM
The ladder just sucks. End of discussion. It has too many flaws in its implementation and there is no way to opt out from it.

So if you want rank, you can only play modes you are good at. No incentive to play other modes, otherwise you'll lose rank...makes perfect sense to punish players for wanting a variety of modes rather than sticking to the modes they are good at...

In ACR I enjoyed a bit of DM every once in a while, but now, if I do try to play some and do bad because I end up against good DM players, then I'll just see a bright red "-110"...i shouldn't care much about the ladder, but seeing that red text with some ridiculous number bothers me...I might even do good and come second yet still get a "-20"...

not to mention the crappy matchmaking, or just being put in a lobby which is either a lag fest, or just not fun. If i get put in a mode i didn't search for, or a bad game, I cannot leave, otherwise I'll get a nice -100...this is just idiocy, plain and simple. If I stay I don't lose points, whatever happens, yet if I leave I lose 100? makes perfect sense...right? Simple fix...if you join a match after 2nd minute and leave, you get no point loss...otherwise I'll just afk the entire match and still have the same result...

And if you have a bad day, you might just lose 1500 point in a few hours for the game disconnecting, crashing or totally unbalanced teams...

01-17-2013, 09:04 PM
totally agree. this ranking system is kind of killing the fun of multiplayer for me. im now at higher prestige than my revelations but i reached prestige 11 only by playing DM or most of the time wolfpack. i hated team modes but in this game i hate it more.

01-17-2013, 09:10 PM
The ladder basically put me off playing the team modes because of the matchmaking. If you get a terrible team full of noobs, the other team could all be prestige. Because I am prestige 10 I will loose 100 points if i lose to a prestige 8 which is just ridiculous. Whats worse is on AA or Domination when u are in a match with a group of 4. I have played a 1vs4 game against a group of players ranging from lvl10-lvl30ish and despite drawing with the other team I lost 200 points. The ladder is just so unfair and calculating.

01-17-2013, 09:13 PM
Lose a pathetic amount and gain in team modes compared to FFA.

Also, I understand you lose for disconnections and leaving after 30 seconds start. However, I'm not sure if you gain for those who rage quit? And there's tons who do. So they maybe suffering for their rage quitting but are you gaining?

Stop caring about it a while ago. It's just a ladder at who has the least life. Have a lot more fun if you just forget it even exists. It's a GAME after all.

01-17-2013, 09:22 PM
Lose a pathetic amount and gain in team modes compared to FFA.

Also, I understand you lose for disconnections and leaving after 30 seconds start. However, I'm not sure if you gain for those who rage quit? And there's tons who do. So they maybe suffering for their rage quitting but are you gaining?

Stop caring about it a while ago. It's just a ladder at who has the least life. Have a lot more fun if you just forget it even exists. It's a GAME after all.

I agree. But for me, I like to have something to play for even after I've unlocked everything I want. I would like to be matched up with better players. And I want something to accurately grade my skill in comparison to others. It adds replay value IMO. And the Templar Grade in Brotherhood did that quite well.

Cryptic Fox
01-17-2013, 09:36 PM
best solution for this is to ignore it completely :D