View Full Version : AC3 Needed More Leap of Faith Points

01-16-2013, 08:40 PM
With how huge this game is, I was very disappointed in the amount of places you can jump off from. Especially out in the wilderness. You'll come across this awesome cliff but nothing to jump off into.

Also, some of the horizontal trees across or near roads look really stupid. Designers should have used rope tied from one tree to another instead. If you're people practice free running from tree to tree, why wouldn't you install ropes horizontal and tightrope across. I would have liked to have seen ropes hanging from trees to swing across from. Would have been awesome to free run off a swinging rope and then turn into a leap of faith having either hay, bushes, or water catch your fall. No reason why there couldn't have been some kind of lift system like Ezio use to use in Rome and Constantinople.