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01-16-2013, 04:39 PM
More misadventures with Ubi Support: after about a dozen back-and-forth e-mail exchanges regarding the Benedict Arnold missions and being assured I definitely have the Season Pass, it now turns out I, in fact, didn't have it. Shocker! They sent me a voucher for the Season Pass including all the DLC released so far. Now my question is this: I've heard a lot of people have problems with the Hidden Secrets DLC removing sound from the game and other glitches. I have the Deluxe Edition so I THINK I already have all the stuff from the Hidden Secrets pack installed anyway (2 multiplayer characters, Mayan Ruins, Ghost of War + Captain of the Aquila and Colonial Assassin outfits). If there's nothing in the pack that I don't already have, then there's no need for me to download it again, right? I don't want to risk breaking my game.

01-16-2013, 05:49 PM
You did have the season pass, what you didn't have was the download links. i'm glad it worked out for you though.

As for the benedict arnold, it requires a seperate installer, maybe check it that installer was included when you first downloaded the game?

01-16-2013, 11:01 PM
Well, Ubi Support were the ones to claim I didn't have a Season Pass. I already got the Benedict Arnold missions. I only brought it up because it was a pain in the rear to get Ubi to give it to me for free like they were supposed to. Now I just want to know if the Hidden Secrets DLC includes anything that I didn't already get when I originally installed the game.

01-16-2013, 11:30 PM
it has some very minor things. a couple of warrior skins for the redcoat and the sharpshooter (for 0 abstergo credits, otherwise you can buy one of them) and a flag for the aquila on the single player.

If you want the extra costumes but don't want to risk loosing the sound on SP, when you get the installer proceed as regular but before starting the single player, make sure to move or delete the file DataPC_DX11_3_dlc.forge (it will have a date modified as november 19th 2012)