View Full Version : Suggestion regarding the MULTIPLAYER MENU SYSTEM and DLC!

01-15-2013, 10:53 PM
There is a basic FLAW in the MULTIPLAYER menu structure of the game regarding to DLC. (Already way back to revelations DLC...)
If I have bought DLC, I should be able to choose "standard" AND "DLC" sessions of a certain type through one another. (Or, if desired, separated).

If there is a "basic session", alright, I join that one. If there is a "DLC session", I join that one.

The result now, is that one almost never gets to play the DLC in a proper way. Because those owning it, are getting tired of looking for the so much fewer game sessions.
(Which is the result of it being DLC; which is basically fewer sold as the basic game itself)

This all, can be avoided, by just re-arranging the game menu's: Just offer us a choice to look for both at the same time (if desired; but hey, if I pay for DLC, why would I NOT like to play sessions with it? Only reason may be, because the friends I play with don't own the DLC; reason why we still need that choice)!

The mistake UBISOFT makes in the menu system, is that they put the accent on category, rather than on gametype. W
hereas the gametype counts more to a player than the category!
That is why so many people find it soooo annoying that the system decides all by itself, when finding no game sessions, to change the game type. And throws you in another gametype session. Which makes most people (me for sure) leave that session instantaniously. Having to start the search for the desired gametype all over again... If I want to play "assasination", I don't want to play "deathmatch", you know...

So, PLEASE, UBI, listen for once, and re-arrange the menu system. So that we finally really can enjoy our DLC to the maximum!