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01-15-2013, 10:57 AM
First I want to start of saying hey, I'm new to the forum. So, if I make a mistake posting in the wrong area, apologies. Starting I just want to point out that I will not be talking about the possibilities of future storyline since it can go neither way and I wouldn't be sure where to even start, as I'm speaking Ubisoft might just be working on the next AC storyline. Notes, this will not be only about the setting but all the ideas and improvement I could think of to make the AC franchise reach it's true potential. This is part 1 of my ideas so there will be allot more coming.

Here we go, lets get started. I think I have found a way for Ubisoft to use China in their future game. I mean, it's China! Just imagine the possibilities the development team could do with this! . We have played in Europe, America, and now why not in Asia especially China, to be more specific why not the Ming Dynasty? Which start at 1368 and end at 1644. I have always been excited for a change in scenery. After I watch this video >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR5TKAd1dsc< I was even more amazed on how setting would work great in Assassin's Creed. In this post I will try the best I can to break down the setting, control, combat, gameplay, myth lore, improvement, and additions things in certain categories . As you already guess this will be a pretty long post and I'll really appreciate it if you could read all of it and try to share this information around the AC forum. Alright, so the first thing I'll talk about is the modern world

Setting: Modern World
I know A LOT of people who hate getting pull out of their Animus experience when the story is at it's best and only to find out they're only to play a dull character in a boring world. I found a solution. I hate getting pull out of my fun experience too, so why can't Ubisoft make it so WE THE PLAYER have the choices of when leaving the Animus to do those modern world main quest? That would be perfect when you want to experience something different if you're getting bored playing in the past, you could save those modern day mission for later and continue in the Animus and when you feel like doing it, just exit the Animus. Another big additional thing Ubisoft could of done with the modern world is to make it a "side world". For example, in AC3 there's a lot of boring moment in the game where I wish I can just leave the Animus and do something fun in the real world and only to found out the only thing I could do is check my E-mail -_-. How about let us out and explore the city that our hideout is in! I'm not saying we can go kill polices or do those things we can do in the Animus, but let us explore! Along the way, why not let us go collect parts to upgrades our Animus and make your overall experience in the Animus even better? Ubisoft could design a few side quest and at the end we get to collect a part. I think with all these improvement, upgrades, and additional thing Ubisoft can do to the modern world, I think fan will have a less time stressing how the modern world is less fun.

Setting: Ming Dynasty( 1368-1644), China.
China! Or what's left of it. It use to be so beautiful and just imagine how it will look in the game, Check out the link if you need some visual of what I'm talking about. The setting is going to be amazing and a big change in scenery for sure, more color will show during Spring time as flower bloom, or when snow cover those palaces. Holidays, the Chinese, moon festival, and Chinese new year. The countries would look much more alive than any of the rest of the AC game we ever played in my opinion. Also, get to face harder and more different varieties of enemies like the Samurai, corrupted Shogun, ninjas, and more! Some of you might say, "isn't ninjas and samurai belong in Japan?" Well, I was hoping we get to travel and play in other countries as well. The architect look amazing, huge palace, festivities, more colorful each season, and overall better! There will be a lot more reason on why I chose China, I will explain why but it will be in other categories.

For anybody who had play AC3, you know you will no longer need to hold down the X or A button to sprint anymore but just R1. Some think this control is annoying and find themselves climbing on unnecessary things like during a chase and want the own control back. Other also complain about how the new hub is terrible and want the old one back, so why not? If in the next game Ubisoft would make a setting dedicate to those thing. I don't think anyone would be complaining.

New mechanics:
.Let us customize our Assassin! It would be so cool if they would make an inventory and let us customize our gears and how it look
. Blacksmith will now sell weapons that have attachment upgrade like better grips for our swords.
.You can now discovered hidden black market and have the following choices, snitch on them for allot of item and moneys, shop there, or you can go to them and threaten to go tell the authorities unless you can get a discount. The answer yes or no will be depend on your notoriety at the moment and how business are going for the market. If the Black market are very successful they will very likely to attack you, if you attack and kill the owner the market will be destroy, if you decide to run away from battle from the owner, he will move his market to other locations.
.When in a chase and you break the enemies line of sight and by hiding, the character take down the hood.
.70% of Side missions should be display on a Bounty Board across towns to avoid wasting time.
.Your town can be attack. So now upgrading and investing in your town will have more impact than just increases more income. For example, if you upgrade your town's military, if thief, invader, etc attack you will be able to defend your city easier. If you win, you get huge cash, but lose, you lost 500 dollar income. The chance of your city attack will be very rare and have only 15% of happening.

This is just one half of the ideas I am telling you guys for right now. If you like my ideas and want to hear more or somehow read all of that, please leave some feedback and I would really appreciate it if you share these ideas around the forum and we'll see if we can get Ubisoft attention! If the feedback are good i will make a part 2!

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Sorry - all nice enough , but i'd just prefer Japan .

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please post ideas for future games in the ongoing thread: