View Full Version : Giant and the storm impossible!!!!!! Wtf??!?!?!

Yoshack Fyre84
01-15-2013, 04:28 AM
No matter how many times over and over and over and mother effing OVER I do this sorry excuse for a mission the 100% sync goal is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! The best I can do is destroy two of the ships by blowing their powder kegs!!! The final ship is always destroyed no matter how LITTLE damage you cause it at a time with the powder keg shot NEVER EVER EVER becoming available!!!! I was doing good ramming the giant ship right from the start and taking it out, giving me a good chance, but now a ROGUE WAVE stops me from doing it this way again, so I'm completely STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ON EARTH CAN THIS MISSION BE DONE!?!?!??!?! I swear you have made it this frustrating on purpose. I'm about to blow a vein in my head and give myself an aneurysm!!!!!!!!!!! I want this mission remotely 100% Synced for me! I am tired of playing it. I'm not going to buy any more Ubisoft games unless this mission is made 100% Synced. Absolutely ridiculous. Hard enough to destroy ONE ship by the powder keg!!! But all three!!!!??? And then preventing you from destroying the big ship by sending in a rogue wave from the right side right before you're about to ram it!! TOTAL BS!!! Whoever programmed this mission is a JERK and needs to be fired for creating an intentionally frustratingly impossible mission. I'm done. Done done done done done. Close to 50 times I've played this. And every time you reload last checkpoint it's at the start of the frigging mission!!!!!!! Can't even give us a save right before the hard part????? Screw the whole team responsible for this mission. I'm ready to cut throats!!!!!!!!!

01-15-2013, 04:46 AM
I did it... Come back to it later, on my first playthrough i got 100% sync. on it on my second attempt because I didn't notice the requirements. The second playthrough was taking too long so i stopped and did other stuff and then came back to it. Also don't hold the cannon fire all the way down and only aim at the head of the ship (normal cannon fire)

01-15-2013, 04:53 AM
I feel your pain!!!! Haha I replayed that mission for 30 minutes straight, and I still couldn't get full sync. But that's because I didn't know exactly how to get their powder exposed. At first, it was either I shot them too little with the cannons, or too much with the cannons, and in the end I pretty much rage quit and couldn't sleep (I have this thing about having to complete stuff. OCD I think). But yeah, it was really hard to get over lol. I don't like going to bed without completing something I started.

01-15-2013, 05:06 AM
The best way to do it is to ram the ships head-on to expose their powder stores. Take out the masts with chain shot to get them to stay in one place, it makes it a lot easier. And even then, you'll probably have to try it a few times.

01-15-2013, 05:10 AM
yeah I remember those days. It was the last thing I got because it was so impossible. The ramming thing never worked for me. They just always blew up. I finally got it to work by getting them away from each other and tearing down their sails and then hitting them from the front. It still takes a couple tries but that's how I finally got it. Good luck. That mission sucks.

01-15-2013, 06:31 AM
Fire Heatshot at the bow. That usually exposes the powder.

01-15-2013, 01:37 PM
Like someone said above, you could either

1. Use chain shots to keep them in their spots, then ram them from the front (make sure you use full sail hit on the big ship, and half sail hit on the 2 smaller ones)

2. Use cannons and aim at the front of the ship (that's where the power barrels are held.

01-15-2013, 04:50 PM
Yeah, worst 100% thing EVER made. EVER. Anyway, this worked for me all the time once I read it. Dont fire anything at them except chain shot. Get infront of them, and HALF SAIL, not full, but half sail ram them right at the front. This exposes the powder 100% of the time for me. If you go full sail you could kill the other ship

08-09-2014, 11:28 PM
It is possible but no mater the strategy it still has a large chance of failing, try to open up the hole in the ship and you might end up sinking it even if you are dealing with it with kitten gloves, heck I sank the man O war dozen of times just by gently tapping it at the front by sailing into it at full stop right before hitting it many times trying to open a hole,
also tried unfocused regular cannon shots to the front, swivel shots only,

I just have one thing to say,
Seriously Ubisoft,
if you are going to keep on using that Uplay thing, at least update all the games you made thus far with that, if there is a flaw with it (like the Ac Revelations bom achievement glitch that's still not fixed, seriously patch it already Ive been waiting for ages to see it fixed so I can finally get my bomb upgrade!)
or a quest like this thats nearly impossible,
sure sink all 3 of them with power keg shots, that would be a reasonable request IF the requirement of revealing the kegs was not random!
I mean there is no set strategy to get the kegs to show, yes the kegs have a big change to show up at minimal damage shots and if you hit the ship at the front side, but even so many things indicate its fully random before they show up even if you hit at those spots! why make this a 100% sinc? thats like telling us to run into a street that splits up in 3 roads and you need to decide what road is the correct one or else the sinc will fail, and every time you retry the roads get switched so you always have to do a random gamble.
I mean sure its fun to have a challenge ones in a while, but tons of people say they took over 4-10 hours doing just this one mission, it also takes 4-10 hours to complete 1 full map (collection all trinkets and doing all small side quests) obviously this quest is rather branded broken then hard. Honestly I'm hoping anyone will patch this to change the objective into sinking just 1 ship with the kegs, if its a random throw of dice, its not impossible to loose 1 out of 3 throws.

I did this objective ones before but I can't recall how long it took me, all I know is my save data got corrupted somehow and had to start the entire game and my entire quest for 100 % sinc all over again and its been 3 hours already in just this damned quest!
I'm giving up the 100% sinc, its not worth it to waist my time on a broken quest!

Ill be fair, I love Ac, but there are so many problems with it that make it so anoying, impossible sync requests, broken quests, no reward for 100% sync or tons of side missions or collecting (lets say in AC3) all those feathers! I mean what was that supposed to do for me?
and of course the generic "money reward" I mean its fine for normal missions, but for a ton of other missions we should get new weapons, armor, outfits or other trinkets instead of just money, in every AC I'm always swimming in a pile of money eventually throwing half bags into the face of beggars just to get rid of it course I already bought everything I could get while half true the main story.

Up to now every AC has one huge bug that somehow is not getting patched, AC 1 has the galant excuse that it can't be updated (tough now that we have steam that should be solved ether way)
like adding rewards for collecting that truckload of flags and templars that eventually don't unlock anything after waisting literally 2/3 of your game time on, the 1/3 being the main story and side quests, the 2/3 being flags and templars that literally give you nothing in return.
Seriously Ubisoft, its nice you guys work so hard and fast on next games, but show some love for the finished projects and patch the bugs already or make some more updates, for all I care even give Connor the medicine system back instead of a wolverine healing factor.
Or putting the cape rewards for the facebook game of Brotherhood for sale as DLC's now, the facebook game has been dead for years now, how the heck am I supposed to get my capes in Brotherhood now? and no, I am not willing to play the facebook game if it gets revived.
I would rather just pay for the darned things then waist my time playing a game that's not part of the actual game on facebook, a site page I don't want to use for game purposes.

I mean I've been playing AC games straight form the first one, problem Is I keep quiting over time due to stuff being broken and never getting fixed, whats the point in getting a 100% sync if the game is broken and you can't achieve it? whats the point in trying to collect all upgrades, only to find out the last one you need is bugged and now even years later nothing has been done about it?!
AC is a great game like, but seriously stand still ones in a wile and look back at the old games, would be pretty neat if they got upgraded even just smal ones in a wile, heck would be awsome if we could get new outfits per every new game release (connor's outfit in Ac1, 2, brotherhood, revelations)
same for Edward, outfit of Liberation call, Outfit of Freedom cry, outfit of Tyranny of Washington, considering AC is all about connecting the past to the future and present it would make a great fun addon for old games to get small patches to fit the newer games or just patch bugs or add new content.

08-09-2014, 11:50 PM
100% sync sucked in AC:3.

08-10-2014, 12:09 AM
Seriously, it took me literally MONTHS to manage this 100% sync trying twice each day!

08-10-2014, 12:14 AM
Heheheheh ahhhh ****. This was a good laugh. I started ignoring the full sync in AC3 almost immediately when it gave nonsensical and nearly impossible goals.

08-10-2014, 12:16 AM
On my replay of AC3 I got it on my first try hehe, it really is just a lottery.

Everything depends on the chance that the barrels may be exposed, or not. I think the best way to do it would be to inflict minimal damage on the frigates, so you don't blow them up before the barrels become visible. Think of it as chipping away, rather than trying to pulverize. It's still mostly your luck though.

08-10-2014, 12:22 AM
It took me about 3 hours of retries.