View Full Version : Fanorona, the hard way.

01-14-2013, 12:06 AM
Ok, so I spent hours so far trying and trying to beat this game whilst taking the first move. I'm coming to the conclusion that it can't be done. Has anyone here done it? I probably could have completed the game twice by now (started playing a few days ago) but I've spent so so long trying to beat Achilles (Not sure on the spelling there.)

I seriously think Ubisoft made a mess up on this one. It feels as if I am playing against a computer when it should feel like I'm playing against an experience human being. Human beings make mistakes, the computer does not.

I'm gonna dedicate this thread to beating the **** thing whilst taking the first move. I feel that taking the second move is cheap, so I will persevere. I have gotten close, the closet being 9 pieces to his 5, then him winning because I ****ed up. The inherent problem is that you as the first player are forced in to losing pieces should there ever be any kind of gap between one of your chips and one of his. Because of this, I feel the only way to win is never to leave any kind of gap at all - so that you can always take.

The problem there is that as the CPU has the ability to play out every single move before it makes it AND predict your next moves based on the outcome, you're gonna have to think not just one or two steps ahead but know exactly what move to make from the start.

If anyone wants to help, I'm open to all tips. Remember, the rule is you must play first.

Good luck!