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01-13-2013, 10:15 PM
First of all i want to start off with a comment about the game itself, that i find it pretty amazing. I really enjoyed playing the game and almost everything is really cool about it, the hunting is pretty amazing, either, and i loved it. The way the game progresses is epic too, but there are slight little things that are bothering me and i felt the need to make something like a short review about them.

Combat controls inconsistency
It would be easier to pick an example first.
Connor is currently in combat against a grenadier and a hessian. The hessian swing his sword and you decide to counter it, then the slow-mo window triggers. In the meantime you can see in that slow-mo window that the grenadier has swinged his axe toward Connor.
Now here is the ironic moment- if you choose not to counter or block the grenadier you will receive damage, but if you decide to counter/block it, the game will think that you tried to counter-throw the hessian (as you know he is immune to those) and you will also take a damage no matter what you have chosen to do.

Another glitchy moments- A group of guards lines up for a shot, but the human shield will be mistaken for defense break.

Freerun inconsistency
I don't know why Connor can't do a normal freerun without trying to hump something every two seconds in the process. The development team, i believe, has many years of experience and they seemed to not did that well with one of the key elements of the game.

UI system
I don't know why they decided to make the weapon choosing wheel to trigger like 3 seconds of exploding blue things and white stripes just to choose a single weapon in the most action moments, when they could of make it simple and more comfortable.

Optional objectives
I liked how the previous games had those, but the new ones are rather annoying than being interesting or challenging, since it literally pushes me to complete a mission the way that the creators wanted me to complete it, even though i can choose not to, but the achievements will not gonna get achieved by themselves.
Still i prefer the optional objectives that old games used to have like in splinter cell that you gather 4 thingies for example, disable something for example.

From so much playing the game i still didn't find some helpful use of the manual lock, i think it would be rather nice to use this for getting in and out of a combat since the game sometimes can't recognize you are actually in combat and you can't defend yourself.

Back to the combat glitches. I really hate when you are fighting a group of guards and you are standing right beside a corner of a building or an object and some guard rushes of the corner, charges his attack the second he appeared and Connor cant block or counter those attacks in most of the time even if you timed your counter right since the game is considering them as non-valid targets for a couple of seconds.

Something that is completely washed away in my opinion, but Far Cry 3 has really cool stealth system.

Like i said the game is overall awesome, but just to think about that such a small things can be rather annoying than creating a good experience while playing.

01-13-2013, 10:51 PM
Don't forget to also post in the feedback sticky at the top :)!

Overall I agree with your complaints. Gameplay just isn't got enough. Like you I find many sloppy misstakes and inconsistencies in the three core areas (stealth, combat and freerunning), as well as a lack of depth and player control. I think the main reason for this is that the game just tries to do too much (there are tons of "mini-games" in the campaign) instead of focusing on lifting the core areas to the level they should be. There is also an overemphasize on story at the expense of gameplay. It's a shame, the game could have been so much better with other priorities :(.

01-15-2013, 03:52 PM
Im copying it, the game costed me a keyboard and a mouse to beat, because of those.