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01-13-2013, 12:01 AM
Assassin's Creed 3 does not seem like an Aassassin's Creed game at all. I was not thrilled playing it through when I got it, and I did pre-order it. I have all of them and was quite surprised to see how much they changed it. Connor was not likeable, Boston and New York was not anything special and the people in town were terrible. I absolutely hated the naval missions I just did not find them at all fun. They did not sound fun when I read about them before I got the game but I am such an Assassin's Creed fan that I had to get the game. I did not like them at all, but then I didn't find much about the game I really liked except for the Frontier, that was much better than in either city. So I thought ok, I need to give it another chance, it's not like the other 4 games, maybe just maybe there is something I missed. Played it through a second time and had forgotten they make you do naval missions in the main story line. I put the game up and not sure I will ever play it again and this coming from a person that has all of the other Assassin Creed games for both ps3 and Xbox 360. Will not buy this one again. I really liked so much about the other games, the beauty the music the missions I never got tired of the missions in the other games, this one lacked the fun and the recruits, I always enjoyed doing them but found these just not fun. There was some things I enjoyed, but all in all not near as much as I enjoyed the other 4 from beginning to end. To me nothing came close to the fun I had and have each time I play them.

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