View Full Version : FINALLY got Pass & Hidden Secrets DLC going.

01-12-2013, 11:05 PM
After trying for almost a month to get this thing working, all of the sudden my code activation is successfull and I had access to the DLC...after demanding a refund...I can only hope the rest of the upcoming King Washington content goes without a hitch. I would have preferred waiting 20 years for this game to be done right than rushed, so PLEASE, don't rush the DLC...in case you haven't noticed, we ARE in a recession and as things get worse video games will be the first thing cut from budgets. I can say now with everything thats happened, had I had it to do over I would have heeded the forum content and waited till this was in the bargain bin. Prove me wrong Ubisoft, blow us away with this content and you may yet retain us as customers.