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01-12-2013, 08:13 PM
At the end of AC3 Minerva had said that Desmond was centuries too late and that the Assassin's and templars wasted too much time.

Isn't that strange? The first civ are quiet knowledgeable on when Desmond would be born and if they were centuries too late you'd think they would send some more messages telling them to not waste time with templars.

Originally I thought the audio had said decades. Until I played it back again. If it was decades, I had a theory about how the messages were actually intended to be for Bill originally. And Juno had changed the name to Desmond as mentioned somewhere along the story line Juno had changed and messed with bits and parts of history. If that were the case in my eyes it would make a whole lot more sense, Bill needing to find Eve, Eve being his wife (which we know little to nothing about) Bill needing to conceive a son, in this case Desmond. Bill being harsh on his son etc.

What about those videos that Juno through down to the Abyss? According to her they were filled with "Lies" from Minerva.

Why was Juno the one talking when Minerva was showing Desmond what had happened? This doesn't make sense to me. We never heard Mineveva's side of the story, it may be because they were running out of time but if that's the case shouldn't minerva be the one talking?

According to an interview prior to the release of AC3 Ubi had stated this would be the end to Desmonds story. And I think they also said that they wouldn't say anything about Clay yet though.

Also if you read the email right before the ending scenes there was an email stating the death of Daniel and Vidic postponed the Abstergo Launch.

01-13-2013, 12:18 AM