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01-11-2013, 12:01 PM
Her is q and a the som fans made wtihe kuby. The questions was asked by me and som other fans called vips. Hoper you liked the answers. tnx kuby for som grate answer.

Hope youll enjoy the answeres

Q: Will this game make the old school mm fans be happy? or are you trying for a new group of players?
A: We are absolutely focusing on fans of the previous games in the franchise. That said, MMHO is a new game for a new platform (flash/browser) with heavy multiplayer elements added on-top; it would be absolutely impossible to retain exactly every element from Heroes VI or III, for instance – that wouldn’t work in this new circumstance.

We hope that the slight changes that we’ll make to the game will be appreciated or at the very least understood by the community. And we also accept that some players will prefer to have a game that behaves more like Heroes VI. That’s okay too – we’re perfectly happy to have both games coexist side-by-side.

Q: How muche input have you planed get from us vips?
A: We will listen to absolutely every bit of input from the VIP fans. Because of production constraints and other factors, we won’t be able to deliver everything that the fans will request, or might be a bit slower than we’d like. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from the VIPs. We would be lost without the community’s input; it’s for them that we’re making the game.

Q: Why demonds? tthere should be no deamons in time span of this game.
A: This will be explained by the story line in the actual game – look forward to discovering the reasons for the presence of the Inferno troops!

Q: what is the goal for the player playing this game
A: There will be many goals, and depending on the player the various goals will be prioritized differently. Some players will have the completion of the story as their main goal. Others will look towards optimizing their economy and troop production infrastructure. Others will want to get all the best items. The VIPs will probably want to do all of those, and more.

Q: How will the plot be presented ingame? Just as a large set of quests or a bigger storyline?
"Storyline seasons" as in MMH Kingdoms?
A: Because MMHO is an online game that will be continuously expanded during the course of its lifetime, there is no one method that we’ll stick to forever. That said, for the initial launch, the quests will be the main method by which the story is presented.

Q: Is feedback on the art style required?
A: Yes and no. There’s no such thing as bad feedback, but there are a few things that we simply won’t be able to do anything about. For example, the choice of many of the graphics assets is based on what is available and practically useful from previous games in the Heroes franchise, predominantly Heroes VI and V. It will be cost-prohibitive to make brand new graphics in many cases, and we have to use heavily from both games, meaning that whatever artistic clashes exist between Heroes V and VI will remain in MMHO as well.

Q: Seing as the game has different sources of inspiration, will it be a sort of "All-stars" Heroes game, combining the best, or a particular game style will feel dominant (H5 seems to be the one)?
A: We definitely want players to agree that MMHO feels like a “true” Heroes game. That said, we are not necessarily trying to make the game feel like any specific entry in the franchise. The hope is that there are enough familiar things for the game to feel accurate, but that we also have enough new stuff in there that it feels fresh. Most importantly, we want to make sure that the game is an absolute blast to play, and that players keep thinking about it between play sessions.

Q: How does a player log into the game? Free account?
A: Yes, you can play Might & Magic Heroes Online for free. There is no fee for creating an account or playing the game.

01-15-2013, 02:25 PM
Q: Assuming that HO will provide a multiplayer mode, what kind of interactions will be the players able to experience (Collaborative, PvP, Bosses) and how does that fit with the "play at your pace" principle? Will we have to wait all the other player(s) to move or will this kind of battles force the players to meet in a single timeframe to resolve them?
A: We will have several different kinds of multiplayer interactions, each featuring their own solutions and priorities. For example, in the turn-based co-op battles where players take turns moving their pieces, they will indeed wait for the other player to make his/her turn. In other situations there will be an absolute window of time where the player is able to participate. If they miss it, the opportunity is gone – though only for that instance (most such content will be available more than once). “Play at your own pace” is a guiding principle, but not absolute.

Q: Are there different worlds or each player enter the game at the same point and will have the same course of quests than the other players? If so, the map elements (monsters and treasures) will be different to each player depending on the development state (or level) they are in, right?
A: Some aspects of the game will be identical to all players, while others will differ depending on many different factors, including players’ choices.