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01-10-2013, 08:08 PM
Ok, first of all, I get that you paid $60 or more for AC3, and you can play it however you want. However, I am pretty sure the point of Wolfpack mode is to not run around and kill the targets as quickly as possible, but to coordinate with you team and as stealthily as possible, ASSASSINATE the targets within the given time limit. With the "run as fast and get more kills than your teammate" possible" approach, although gets you kills more quickly, points do not rack up quickly, forcing you to have to kill more targets, which in turn takes longer to reach the next sequence. In the same amount of time it takes you to get you 8 kills, your team, could have taken the time for everyone to earn an incognito bonus and get a quadruple multi kill bonus on only 4 targets, which would net you more points than running and getting those "reckless" kills. However, it is your game play as you like.

Also, I get tired of players taking my kills in this mode. There are 4 targets every sequence. I understand when they are all in one group, that yes you will more than likely end up taking my kill, thats fine, I will kill the target next to that one. But, when all the targets are spread out, and I am CLEARLY locked on to one of those targets, WAITING to earn an incognito or stealth bonus, DO NOT run up "recklessly" and take my kill for a fraction of the points I could have earned.

Now, if there are any players that feel the same way I do, please send me a friend request on Xbox Live, my gamertag is SilentVendetta7, I would love to play some Wolfpack sometime with a good team that knows what they are doing.

12-09-2013, 01:53 PM
I hear you.

For a brief moment I thought that now that they really spoon fed how WP is supposed to be played to rack in the highest level of points that people in general would actual play it decently. Yeah, sure.

I have completely 7 Wolfpack maps in standard mode by myself. The one time I played with others it was me (level 10) and 3 player that were way past prestige level. At the end of the match I had +30K points and 32 kills and in 4th place. The others had more points and more kills but to give you an idea : the 'top' player had +57K points and 97 kills. Now keeping in mind that I had only the default ability set and how to 'compete' to get any points whatsever (lots of kicking the fallen) it boils down to me out performing each and everyone of those high level players. We did manage to play all 25 levels of that map but that was due to luck and the fact that the new WP mode is much more forgiving and easier then the one in AC3.

12-18-2013, 12:11 PM
I hear you guys.
I had a great game going with my self (level 38) and 2 other high level players, when someone who was level 3 joined and just started doing the running up and killing everything for 100pts thing.
There really should be a way to vote players out of a game or something.

Feel free to add me on uplay if you want to make a team sometime (if you're wondering the username was auto-assigned years ago and changing it would mean losing all my game data).