View Full Version : Far Cry 3 disappeared from my account!

01-10-2013, 05:07 PM
I've got over 20 hours logged on Far Cry 3, but I've suddenly been blocked from playing it.

I DID NOT pirate it, and my account proves I've been playing it legitimately because I've unlocked Uplay rewards on there, but for some reason I went to play it a few days ago and it's asking me to register a serial number. I don't have this number anymore as I didn't think I'd ever need it again.

Basically, I opened Uplay and it was completely missing from the 'My Games' section. So I searched my programs and ran the .exe file. This opened in Uplay, where it proceeded to ask me for a serial number. So the game icon reappeared in Uplay, but I cannot access the game without a serial number.

How can I get back into my game? This is really annoying.