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it's begun:


What's the Assassin's website? Lol

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Moving on...

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Moving on...

Actually it's not. It says 'Coming Soon', and we all know how Ubisoft loves to put that everywhere they create. Not to mention that it's linked to Ubisoft's official Abstergo Industries' clothing store.

01-10-2013, 03:43 PM
that's the old Abstergo website we used to access, if you remove the "portal/" at the end of the link you'll be redirected to that page

in case the OP doesn't know about this, access:


and put the password: PFRDVJ5aLLg

it's a shame that Ubisoft didn't continue using it, after the AC comics with Daniel Cross, IMO this website was one of their best marketing campaigns

01-10-2013, 04:27 PM
Yeah, this site was from the good old days in early 2011, and part of the height of Assassin's Creed's storytelling and "transmedia" success in my opinion. Brotherhood had amped up the story, Project Legacy showed lots of cool details about First Civilization artifacts with interesting historical side characters while teasing Erudito, The Fall comic series was being released and introducing us to Daniel Cross, and the Abstergo Industries site emails "revealed" by Erudito in an email to people who had bought a product from UbiWorkshop really got me interested in the Abstergo side of the modern-day plot. And the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC with its hint of the Grand Temple was just around the corner. The AC universe seemed so big and so full of purpose and promise, with profound story revelations just around the corner.

Alas, it all came crashing down from there as Ubisoft plastered "Coming Soon" on its interesting side content and never once followed up on any of it. They said new content was "coming soon" to Project Legacy, lowered all point costs by 25% and said to stock up on supplies for the upcoming content. Who knows how many hours I wasted gathering supplies and mnemonic sets so I would be ready to dig into the new content and experience its story as fast as possible when it came out. Then they created a forum just for Project Legacy and announced the entire game was also being upgraded to version 2.0 when the new story content came out. Then... radio silence from Ubisoft for almost 2 years on the subject. Despite the massive interest in the new content, they simply abandoned Project Legacy without even having the courtesy to tell fans it was actually abandoned. They just posted the Project Legacy story content as PDFs on, of all places, the Abstergo Industries website, teased it slightly on the Project Legacy page, and then went silent in July of 2011. They couldn't even just say it was abandoned and still teased that it was only "suspended" in the Abstergo files from Revelations' multiplayer story.

This Abstergo Industries site has not changed in 2 full years, other than the addition of the folder with the abandoned Project Legacy content. Who knows how many hours it's wasted of people from this forum who constantly went back to check for new updates that never arrived, and searched for passwords to get higher security access in all kinds of places. And now EscoBlades, someone who officially works with Ubisoft on their new site "Initiates", doesn't even know it was an official Ubisoft project at one point. This is part of why this franchise has disappointed me so greatly -- in early 2011 they were so good at teasing the mysteries and had begun to flesh out the AC universe in really interesting ways. Then they just abandoned it all -- the interesting side projects that interacted with the real world, the interesting side stories from Project Legacy that fit into the historical elements introduced in the glyphs from AC2, even the big plot points from the main games like the Eye-Abstergo Satellite that were being teased by things like the Abstergo Industries website emails. It's the biggest story tease and letdown I've ever experienced.

EDIT: Here's a link to the Project Legacy Divine Science and Midsummer's Eve story packs for anyone who's interested: