View Full Version : Problems with weapons please help

01-10-2013, 09:25 AM
I am a great fan of AC and have played all of the previous versions.

Just got AC3 and cannot work out how the weapon system is supposed to work. I play PC. When the 'wheel' comes up I can click on say the rifle and I will chose dagger. I click on gun and it choses dagger. Or I click and nothing happens. OK, I try to chose my weapons with 1,2 3 etc. That does not work either! Note, I have not made any changes to default commands.

Same thing with rifle and firing. OK I pick up the rifle off ground, press E. Most of the time I run around it and even though it is lit up I am not picking it up. OK, eventually E command will pick it up. Now I aim as advised and go F. Now I fire - heck, I press LMB, I press RMB nothing happens. Oh, ok maybe I must press Q. I press Q, nothing happens.
I press everything nothing happens. Try Q again and wow, I actually fire. Now to kill next mob, I press Q, nothing happens, I press Q and he loads the gun, I press Q again since gun is now loaded. Nothing happens. WTF?