View Full Version : Naval Combat and what could Improve it (or could of if they decided they are done)

01-10-2013, 03:36 AM
I absolutely loved the naval combat portion of the game. I find it very fun and something I would go back to every day just for the fun of it... Unfortunetly I can't really go back to them unless I redo a memory and then it begins to feel monotomous doing the same task over and over again with the exact same results. I want the option to simply roam around the seas, attack some pirates, and intercept some british ships. Maybe stop by a trading ship and buy some stuff. Don't get me wrong, I really loved it, it just didn't quite seem like they put as much into it as they could of. I'm not talking about making it so we could sail down the entire coast, just allow us to lurk around certain areas in the carribean, New York Harbor, maybe some other areas near the East coast.

01-10-2013, 04:13 AM
I agree. I feel like they could have made the coastline equivalent to the Kingdom in AC 1... If you want to travel, say, from New York to Boston, you could go to the harbor if you want and set sail into an Eastern Seaboard map (after a loading screen, of course) that connects the four maps. Obviously it wouldn't be to scale, but if they gave us a decent amount of space to sail between the areas, they could populate it with pirates, British frigates, or whatever else they like to give us some open-world naval encounters. Once you've gone far enough north, a low-res version of Boston Harbor would appear in the distance, and a notification would appear asking "Do you want to enter Boston?" Upon answering yes, a loading screen would commence and stick you on foot in Boston. Upon answering no, the game would turn the ship around and point you back the way you came.

01-10-2013, 11:02 AM
for AC:

- the ability to free roam at a portion of the sea;
- generate random ships/fleets for us to destroy;
- random weather at the sea (the storms were awesome!);
- be able to get on board of any ship at any time and not only on specific missions;
- make the enemy be able to get on board of our ship forcing us to give the control of our ship to Faulkner to allow us to deal with the enemy on board;

for other game that could use this system (not AC related):

- what was written above +:
- a deeper customization/managing system for the ship: allow us to recruit/asign sailors to specific places at our ship based on their abilities, more upgrades to our ship, change colors, hull themes, etc;
- have key characters on our crew that will have their own stories (similar to Mass Effect) ;
- be able to choose different battle styles for our main character: dual wielding, sword master, etc..
- add real characters to the story and explore some real events (like you do with AC);
- a difficulty system;

improvements that could affect the story (of the new game mentioned above):

- be able to choose between be a pirate, privateer, military, trader, etc.
- have different storylines for each "class", start from different places, different key crew members, have some key missions that'll be the same for everyone but many other main missions will be different;
- dialogue options that can change the course of the story (use The Witcher / The Witcher 2 as inspiration) taking us to new areas based on the options we choose;

01-10-2013, 05:04 PM
Ideally yes, but I think they made it good enough and it was great for what it was. It looked stunning, played fine, had a bit of complexity, but not too much for something that wasn't the main focus. Not much happens on open water and having islands to explore by foot would require tons and tons of work. I don't think it's reasonable. The amount of space in this game was more than enough with two cities and the frontier on top. They could do like a caribbean game and then they could focus on just this type of world, but for Ac3 it would have been too much imo.