View Full Version : Help, game is still broken for me after both patches, unplayable during seq. 7

01-09-2013, 11:41 PM
Hey so I put your game down due to too many bugs. Found out you patched it so I put it back in and tried again. Still too buggy, to the point where I can't play anymore. Let me explain. Fort missions are broken for me, everytime I kill a guard, one reappears seconds later. I have set up bombs and lured an entire line of guards guarding the entrance to a fort, they blew up and right away there were more guards in their place. Unless I enter the fort and kill everyone there is no way to complete it being stealthy.
On sequence 7 when you have to blow up the two ships and raise the flag, it asks you to be undetected. I climb up on the ship and two guards not even facing me instantly detect me and keep looking my way even when i break line of sight and move around on the ship. Can't be stealthy here either. So unless i climb onto the ship and kill everyone, can't pass the mission. This seems to be a theme for your game, I haven't been able to complete any mission with stealth and most optional objectives can not be completed.
Still on seq. 7 when you have to pass the battlefield without getting hit. It says wait until the firing stops and cross between cover. Well i sat there for ten minutes and the firing never stops. So i try and cross and die, twice. This is when I rage quit and give up on your game.
I should just trade it in because even when it does work the mission structure is kind of boring and combat and general movement are so finnicky and stuttery that its a hard game to play most times. But I would like some reassurance that you can fix these things if I decide to keep the game. I play on Xbox 360 and have both patches installed. Thanks.

01-10-2013, 12:33 AM
Regarding bunker hill, you'll never get hit if you dash off immediately after you see a volley shot. Took me a good while to figure out that un-uniformed individual shots wouldn't hit me.

01-10-2013, 01:25 AM
100% synced the game on two different gamesaves - All objectives were possible for me .

& i thought the game has had 3 patches - Not 2 . :confused: