View Full Version : Regarding Multi-Player and Co-Op.

01-09-2013, 09:30 AM
I've accepted the fact that multiplayer is just a tack on, and I doubt the developers really meant for it to be taken seriously, but I LOVE it. I haven't had this much fun on and FPS since BF3 was first released. However there are some MAJOR problems that I've noticed.

Lack of servers. We have to connect to a host, which means the game is laggy as ****. Most games are to the point where they are unplayable. Now the multiplayer community of PC (I'm unsure how active it is on console) is around 600 active players, I've seen it peak to ~870. This is a very small community, so why can't we have at least a few dedicated servers from Ubisoft with the ability to host our own? It would make the game infinitely more enjoyable, and doesn't seem like too big an investment on Ubisofts part. Hell if we could host our own servers, I would be willing to pay to host one, that's how much I'm enjoying the game.

Separate hot keys for picking up teammates and weapons. I'm tired of trying to pick up a teammate and instead picking up their gun.

Co-op. Its good for one play through of each map, then it gets very repetitive. Why isn't there a free roam like single player but with co-op? This was probably the biggest let down for me. It would be awesome to take outpost out with my friends. I would also enjoy it scaling to how many players you have in game such as borderlands does.
These are just my major annoyances, feel free to let your own be know.