View Full Version : some bugs/glitchs in game.

01-07-2013, 11:57 PM
spoiler alert!

I hope you will look into the next things which I encountered:

- The heads of the Zombi's will allways damage in the same way. Please make at least one variation to this.
- a barricade on a door with planks and nails shows on the gamepad as on large plank. Please use the same view of the door/planks on the gamePad as in the game.
- same for the bar which many times blocks the doors. In the game the bar is red, but on the gamepad it is suddely a wooden plank with nails.
- in the brick lane flats, you will find a dead body with Dee's letter and a wapon with silencer. If you only take the wapon and leave, and the flats and then come back, the dead body will contain the same wapon with silencer again. This way you can collect as many of the same wapon as you want...
- When you are back with the panecea in the bunker (on the floor where the laboratory is located), you have to pass the room with the bunker elevator. in this room there will be 2 zombies. If you walk back directly through 2 doors to the 'room' where the bridge has collapsed, and the 2 zombies are still in the room with the bunker elevator, they will be frozen. You can then just shoot them if the 2 doors are open without that they will move. They will move again if you go back through 1 door.
- The dutch subtitle is not perfect. In the brick lane flats there stands: "ik ben verbaasd dat er nog meer overlevenden zijn." this should be: ik ben verbaasd dat er niet nog meer overlevenden zijn.
- That you have to scan with the gamePad is amazing. But from the doctor you have to take the auto scanner, which makes first of all the sounds with too small intervals. though this you know where all zombies will be on time, so it is gameworld is not as thrilling as before. The intervals between the auto scans should therefore be at least 5 time greater.. This would be less annoying to some people ears and will keep the game more exciting, because now you have again the change to just run into a zombi with surprise.

less important, but still something which disappointed me:
- If you have finished an area of the game in the storyline, there will be little challenge / little zombies in that area when you return.

01-08-2013, 01:01 AM
There are far,far worse bugs and glitches in this game.Just read through these forums.The majority of us are unable to even finish the game.

01-15-2013, 07:24 PM
I heard of it. Luckily I haven't encounter gamebreaking bugs.
I just want to report a small part of what I experienced.