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01-07-2013, 08:11 AM
Assassins Creed III is the most awesome looking but most ****tiest playing Assassins Creed to date. Message to Ubisoft: Worry less about the money and completion timeline and worry more about actually making a game that plays well. The game looks awesome and the story is great, but hours of grinding through missions that give you bad instructions and haphazard game play make me want to reconsider if I really care what happens to Desmond in the long run. You would be well off to remember that your customers and fan base prefer to be rewarded with a good game and special prizes for purchasing a game before anyone else. Instead they have become a test bank so you can fix all of the errors that you should have addressed before the game shipped. Also, your U Play is a rip off and anyone can see that it is a marketing gimmick that rewards gamers with deep pockets. Are you planning on partnering up with Zynga or something? What ever happened to gamers with skill earning their place in the society of champions? Gamers from the 80's get sick when they think about how you and all other game companies are selling out for a profit. I know it takes a great deal of money to make a game. I think most gamers who are worth their metal will agree with me that they would rather pay more to buy a game that was worth it than play a game that allows some kid with rich parents to buy them a reputation by giving them an added advantage. Real gamers, the ones that put their hearts into a game are cheated every time you put profit before any of the other issues that should be considered first. The heart and soul of the gaming community, the backbone of veteran gamers that helped you to build your company from the ground up is not the community that falls for your marketing schemes. In fact, most of us laugh when we see some young buck wasting their money on your virtual trinkets. It makes me sad to see one company market crap and figure out that there are impulsive kids who will badger their parents into buying stuff, and then to see other companies follow suit because greed makes your mouths water. I just want you to know this is your last chance with me. Most of us older gamers pick and choose our games now days, having seen how you cater to these newer gamers. This is not the first time you have pushed your programmers too hard. I wish that you would remember that gaming is about having fun for the right price, and that while most gamers would gladly buy a new add on or expansion for the story line, that you have begun to over market compulsive buy crap that just further degrades what used to be a good franchise. How about a new Prince of Persia or another Assassins Creed that does not revolve around how much money can be made after the game is sold, but rather how much money can be made off of game sales themselves? Makes me glad I am borrowing Assassins Creed III from my cousins!