View Full Version : My feedback, Far Cry 3

01-04-2013, 07:53 PM
Hi there everyone,

I must first off say that FC3 really improve the franchise in the right direction. Compared to FC2, FC3 improves the game so many ways.

However, there is a few things that really is a let down.

In short, it is the following:

The game is simply to accessible with no middleground at all

Servers shouldn't become unranked because you change your preference

No dedicated servers

Poor menu structure

The game seems to be poorly optimized

The watch should be implemented

It should be possible to save on missions ála FC2

Ability to set autosave to OFF should exist.

The first, most noticable, is the accessibility in this game. Xrayvision, enemies marked on the map, - it is simply to much - especially since all of this is forced upon you. Play any server with killcam OFF, xrayvision OFF, radar OFF - along other features - and the game ironically becomes UNRANKED. This does make it very unappealing to play. The game should offer some sort of 'Easy' Mode and 'Normal Mode' with the listed features activated/deactivated in each mode.

FC3 is simply a bit to much dumbed down for an arcadeshooter. Not just in terms of features but how the whole game plays. The voiceovers, the constant screaming about the latest unlocks. At moments it feels very childish, to be honest. The multiplayer itself isn't really that impressive. There is no dedicated servers. To much uneccessary menus. The great thing though is the support for community-made maps. Waiting in a lobby for players to join is not something I prefer doing when playing PC games.

All in all, this should be addressed, and it can be addressed, unfortunately the priority for PC seems to be very low. To low to be accepted. At least in my opinion. There is also another shortcoming to FC3: the games does not run well. I cannot run FC3 on highest settings. Smoothing to edges cannot be set over 2 or the game will lagg - a lot. I run ARMA II (no, I don't play DayZ nor do I care about it) on very high settings with 150% 3D resolution and it runs fine.

Rather minor things that I miss from FC2 is the watch which you could use to change time. Another important feature is the ability to save while being on missions. No need for forced autosaves on a PC game.

A lot of stuff have been improved since FC2 but yet again it feels like there is minor problems that makes the quality and experience drop. I believe that FC3 would be improved a lot if these issues were fixed even though I doubt they will - and if they aren't fixed - they I can't say I feel encouraged to buy another FC game.

I would be glad if any community manager or similar could reply.

/ An old FC1 veteran