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01-04-2013, 07:38 PM

I just started playing AC 3 this week. I am still in the early stages (just finished a sequence where I had to free 3 prisoners, and optional do 3 stealth kills for a corner position/kill the general). The sequence I mentioned above still feels like I am in training. However I am starting to think I am missing something. I assume the game will eventually teach me all the aspects of the game. Is this so?

Any hoo I was wondering if anyone knows of a comprehensive comparison between AC 3 and AC2 (Rev or Broth). Or maybe just a decent overview of AC3. I am most interested in learnnin about all the features outside the main story line, the mini games, side objectives and using fellow companions. I do not need info on the story so much, more on the various features of the game.

Example questions I have: is there a brotherhood? If so are there side objectives? Is there an economy and investment? What are all the mini games? How does notoriety work? Gear upgrades? New features? and so on


01-04-2013, 07:46 PM
1- Yes the recruits return, albeit with more history and personality than before and each has his/her own unique side quests.
2- Economy is different from past games. it depends wholly on trade and yes there is investments, but again, not the "buying the entire city" type.
3- There are various board games..
4- Notoriety works like before, except it`s a bit tougher now. higher notoriety not only means better awareness and quicker spotting, but also more and stronger guards.
5- There are outfits and pouch upgrades and there`s no armor..
6- Naval Battles is probably the most new feature you`ll like..there`s also crafting materials that range from trade, inventions to place in your home, weapons and upgrades. there`s also the homestead which unlocks crafting. all I can say is that it`s your community that you build.

01-07-2013, 10:05 PM
Thanks, very helpful