View Full Version : suggestions for next game in the series assassin's creed

01-04-2013, 01:48 PM
The Assassin's creed game is a very high quality game, and a must play for those wanting games, but it also has 2 unique features... Firstly it is available at very cheap rates; I got part 2 and later 'Brotherhood' only for Rs 299 (less than 6 dollars!, and believe me, they were original). It also demands almost no graphics, which is why my laptop which has got a miserable graphics card and RAM supports it.
Now if some Ubisoft team member happens to reading this, I would like to suggest basically two things, rather 'parameters' (just like the health bar) for the next game in the series.
One is inertia: of motion, and of rest. Speed does not increase impulsively as in the games released till now. We could have a parameter that shows current speed of running of the character being played by the player. It should rise impulsively only for the first 50 or 60% of maximum running speed, and then slowly increase. A certain amount of speed must be required for wall-running. No one can run along a wall starting from absolute rest by simply jumping towards the wall in front. Also there needs to be correction in the way the character runs; when I press left from right, the character (Ezio) takes a few steps towards right, and then changes direction, showing the inertia of motion... But when you reduce the change of direction from 180 degrees to 90 or 45 degrees, there is a sudden change in direction. I believe it would look more real if the character turned in a circular path rather than a sharply bending path.
One more thing about the inertia is that the character cannot face backwards (or any other direction) suddenly to counter attack or do any such stuff. It should take a moment for him/her to face in that direction, or, in fact, to make any movements. A feel of inertia should be there, to make it look more realistic.
Second is of exhaustion; there needs to be a certain limit to the character's stamina, who otherwise may go on taking kill streaks of 40, 60 or as I myself once got in virtual training, 116... Exhaustion and inertia should also be put on enemies too; the more exhausted enemies can be taken out more easily; however the character exhausted should be more demanding from the player; he/she should eventually have to take rest from running or fighting... Exhaustion should come slowest during walking, faster during running, even faster during fighting, and fastest during wall-running.
One more detail that can be added to the game is about the enemies'/guards' memories of previous encounters. It looks very odd when one moment a guard gets in a fight with Ezio, and the very next moment, after Ezio has evaded their chase, confronting the same guard does not trigger a sudden and more aggressive reaction, which would have been more natural in the real world.
I hope I helped the Ubisoft team.