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01-02-2013, 05:14 PM

I made suggestions on facebook days ago about downloadable content.

1. I was thinking that Saratoga should be added to the game because it was a very important turning point in the Revolution, plus Brigadier General Simon Fraser would make a perfect Templer and assassination target. I mean you could have Haythem Kenway secretly recruit the general just like Benjamin Church did Capt. Nicholas Biddle at Martha's Vineyard, besides Conner needs more assassination victims who are on the British side and he should have a storyline adventure that takes place in 1777. Oh and for this assassination Conner should use a longrifle, a special one that can hit targets that are to far away for either the bow and arrow, the musket, or the pistol to reach.

2. I also think you should add in the Battle of Trenton because I saw the portrait of Washington crossing the Delaware with Conner added into it, and maybe have him kill Colonel Johann Rall. I know you already set it up as an assignment for Conner's recruits but if he's gonna be in the portrait then he should be at the battle to. That way it would make more sense and avoid any confusion.

3. Then I remembered David Bushnell and his invention: the submersible known as the TURTLE. I think Conner should have one of those for his ship the AQUILLA. Besides Esio Auditore had Leonardo da Vinci build special devices for him, why not have someone or somebody build devices that would be useful to Conner on some of his missions.

4. I still think that you should add Banastre Tarleton into the game as a Templar. I know his activities were in the Carolina's but then again that way you can expand the game, and since Tarleton didn't die during the Revolution you can have Conner spare him, after all Altair and Esio spared a few of their targets and so did Aveline. Oh and speaking of Aveline, since Tarleton's activities take place down south, maybe Conner should share this adventure with her, plus maybe she can teach him how to wrestle alligators. Oh and as for where Conner spares Tarleton's life, why not at Cowpens where Tarleton suffered his big defeat.

5. I also believe that the game should have Templar agents just like the last two, as well as more assassin recruits.

6. You should also consider giving Conner some assignments in Kentucky. After seeing him meet up with Daniel Boone more than once, I thought Conner could have a few adventures with him, and Boone's arch-nemesis Simon Girty would make a perfect Templar.

7. I couldn't help noticing that there was a moose head mounted on a wall at Fort Wolcott and yet the moose is not one the animals on the hunting list, think maybe you could add that in to along with the skunk and maybe a few other animals?

8. Conner should even have some of his own encounters with Benjamin Franklin, like he could help him safe help reach the ship that will take him to France.

9. You should also consider adding in the blunderbuss as a weapon, one that can hit 3, 4, or 5 targets with one blast.

These are all my ideas for downloadable content. I only mentioned numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 on facebook, the other five I just came up with. I don't expect you to consider all of these ideas but I am hoping that you will consider some of them especially Saratoga, Trenton, and Cowpens. Oh and I am sure that there are plenty of other players who would also like to have some of these things in the game.

Chris Carter

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