View Full Version : assassins creed 3 the best game and also the worst game

01-02-2013, 01:31 PM
Having played all the Assassins creed games i would have to say AC3 is the best. The story as well as the graphics are fantastic However i found the tutorial way too long before you got to play as Connor. And as with previous AC games you have made the missions frustrating not challenging and always seem to put checkpoints in all the wrong spots so as to get full syncronisation you have to play whole missions again. And whilst theres patches released to try and fix bugs and glitches not everyone has got xbox live to fix the problem. I wont be buying another AC game unless there are a lot of changes.Maybe instead of the games being rushed out every 12 months a little more time was taken to get things right it would be a lot better.I admire the games you produce considering the pressure put on your company by the public to keep coming up with great ideas for games. Its just a shame that AC3 is a good game but could have been a great game with more time .

Regards Mr Dodd