View Full Version : AC3 MP+SP 6min runtime and crash UPDATE PLEASE!!!

01-01-2013, 10:11 PM
I have posted 4x in UBI-TECH SUPPORT and got 1 response. I have updated drivers and patches and verified History cache is clear, temp files clear. ECT ECT. And it seems that the PC version( mine) Runs only 6min max on MP or SP and then crashed with WIN7 looking for a solution. and __________.exe has stopped or not responding. . . message. Has anyone heard any updates on this?? I love the GAMES and stuff but I can't see how its just a PC USER issue unless they don't want us to play their games.


ATHLON FX QUAD CORE 3.6 ( non overclock)
AMD SAPPHIRE 2 Gig Video card (single card) though Crossfire ready
16 gig RAM
WIN7 Pro SP1
According to the websites I more than meet the Req's . There is no video issues or sound issues- mouse keyboard all function well LOOKS AWESOME- but 6 min and it stops consistently. I have no Background stuff on. Even when I used MS CONFIG and turned everything off- ( sound was off but I knew it would be) 6min was the max it ran. I got the same error.
I want to play this game I have played AC 1-2, Brotherhood, Revelations, MASS EFFECT1-3, SPLINTERCELL franchise. The only common thread for my issues was UPLAY:

1) stop working
2) wouldn't sync achievements
3)wouldn't save last place

This 6min deal has me stumped. I want to enjoy the game you folks have built - but I guess because I'm a PC user you don't want me to enjoy your work. I promise you this I will rethink my GAMING COMPANIES for sure. Disappointed, confused, frustrated, feeling alienated. . . HELP PLEASE!!