View Full Version : Cannot shoot my pistol or muskets

12-31-2012, 05:42 PM
I have just started playing AC3. I have no issues firing my side pistol or killing the 4 guards at the gate with a musket I picked up. Now that I'm in a mission to kill a ll the guys on the roof shooting at us. I can no longer draw my pistol from it's holster, I have tried holding down the F Key and the Q key.....Nothing seems to work. I have hit buttons 1-4 to try and draw my pistol nothing works. I can pick up a musket from people i have killed but cannot fore it using the F key or the Q key......All of my keys are set to default and I haven't changed anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!

12-31-2012, 06:47 PM
You can't fire it freely. U have to be locked to an enemy, explosive barrel, or animal. Look for a white contour.

12-31-2012, 06:51 PM
Not trying to fire it freely. I'm in a mission where I have to shoot people off of the roofs that are shooting at me? I can only draw my sword and kill them.

01-01-2013, 12:03 AM
I'm having the exact same problem.

01-01-2013, 12:13 AM
You have used the weapon wheel to switch to your pistol and what happened? Have you ensured to reload the pistol?

01-01-2013, 12:19 AM
When I use the weapon wheel to switch to pistol, it just goes back to the sword or fists.( I didn't make the original post by the way, but I believe I'm having the same problem as DxTrEm3Fx.)

01-01-2013, 12:30 AM
Wow, that's crazy. I have not run into that. Aside from the possibility that you're out of ammo or something, I'm not sure. Maybe see if you can find a musket around the area to pick up and use to complete the mission?