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12-30-2012, 11:21 PM
IMO revelations was the best as the best assassins creed, I felt that it had the best story, best setting, best characters, best missions and amazing additions. but I also felt that it was in ways the most lacking ac because just a couple of changes would have made it so much better, To me it was the ac that had the most potential.

ok so to start off, they needed LONGER ALTAIR MISSIONS. I mean he was on the box cover and he is a somewhat loved character, he deserved more screen time, but we were left with about an hour of gameplay, i'm not saying that he should have got hours on hours but the altair segments were too short. each segment was 10-15 minutes, it would have been good if they were a solid 30 mins each. it would have been great to see altair in constantinople, they wouldn't need to remake the city, say if they edited just galata a little and set the segment there, that would have been fine. it would have also been great to see altair in mongolia. correct me if i am wrong but wasn't altairs assassination attempt of genghis khan (sorry if spelt wrong) in a camp? they could have used the tents that were in the janissaries camp with some other objects and done a great stealth sequence, they already had character models of their soldiers from a later mission. This is not a huge increase and it isn't asking anything too difficult i think.

another thing: A LONGER CAMPAIGN: now I don't mean loads longer, the length was decent but one more sequence would have been nice, an idea i had was that they wasted time making those 2 faction missions, why not just make 2 more normal story missions, have the team behind the secret locations make one more mission to find an altair key and have another altair mission, maybe another memory, that is 5 memories which is about enough for one more sequence. I'm also annoyed that we didn't get to play the start of sequence 1 and that it was a cutscene, that part should have been playable, the beginning wasn't very good.

DESMOND IN THIRD PERSON: this is subjective, i didn't mind the first person platforming but i feel that a third person perspective would have been better. this would have helped with the game's length.

PROPER RANDOM EVENTS: this was not even done well in AC3, this was something i was really looking forward to and was let down, they had a couple like the guy trying to start a fight with you and a guy needing help moving boxes, the stalker was pretty cool but they should have expanded, how about an ambush from byzantines or a citizen needing help? and make them a more frequent, again this wouldn't take that much longer considering they already had a couple of random events in there.

MORE SIDE MISSIONS WITH MORE EXPANSION: the idea of going on missions with your assassins was FANTASTIC, i loved it but there wasn't enough, they should have had 12 assassins dens than the 8 and expand on the number of missions you go with the assassins as you only go on missions with some of them, how about this: 12 assassins, each one has a recruitment mission where you meet them, a part 1 and 2 to assassinate the templar agent, and an epilogue mission where they are trained and are "wiser", thats 4 missions per assassin making 48 missions, if i recall this correctly there were only 22 missions in total for recruits which is a shame. they should have given this more attention. they should have also done more repressed memories, this would have been great to see young ezio again.

MORE PLACES TO FREE ROAM: it sucked that you could not free roam in masyaf and the outskirts like that village you assassinate the captain in, why not allow us to do it if it's on the disc! add in random events and some collectables and there is a lot to do here.

VR MISSIONS: this should have been in the game, they were amazing and loads of fun, why would they remove a great function?

THE REVELATIONS: why the HELL would you leave important revelation about clay ad lucy in DLC, that should have been in the main game, for example - after sequence 9 how about desmond doesn't go back to his body but goes to animus island where he needs to go through one more gate and go through one more level which summarises clays life, then at the end we could have been told about lucy, there's your WTF revelation and then desmond wakes up and as already in the game..." I know what we need to do".

thats all I have, this wasn't a rant just a reflection because this AC had the most potential in it, i think it should have been delayed for a january release date, that would have done good for the game. It is still my favourite for how well it conluded ezio and altairs stories but i still wish it was delayed to be loads better

. tell me what are your thoughts and do you fell the same way about any other AC game?