View Full Version : Glitch - Sequence 5 Memory 1!

12-30-2012, 07:42 AM
I want to report a glitch I encountered just now!

On Sequence 5 - Memory 1 when you are trying to convince Achilles to train you(Connor) and after the night with rain and thunder when you knock on Achilles door a second time well when I pressed the circle button to start the mission or event Connor just walked in to the house! I finished the second event too when he tries the back door and the third event when he tries the balcony and I can still walk in the front door by pressing the circle button! I'm sure that this is a glitch since we are not suppose to enter the house before we become friends with Achilles!

Ps: I'm truly sorry if there is an own thread to report glitches! I'm new and I was not sure where to post this or make a new thread so I just made one hoping that I did nothing wrong, if there is an own thread for glitches please move my post into that thread! Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!