View Full Version : Hunting in AC3

12-28-2012, 10:58 PM
This game has a pretty good story & it runs pretty smoothly, apart from the usual 3.5 million glitches that Ubi releases with all their games that are never ironed out with a couple of petabytes worth of patches is really moot but the game works. The part that really falls flat is the hunting. As little Hiawatha I'm able to take fort over with 100 men all armed to the teeth scarcely taking any damage at all but when it comes to the big bad wolf on the frontier, he is the master. I'm reduced to button mashing which is really lame, it absolutely reeks of cheap console rubbish. Which self respecting pc gamer actually uses a console controller when a far more sophisticated mouse & keyboard is the finest method of input? And why must I mash buttons when my character is armed with the finest weapons of the time but is too scared stiff to use them? This is rank stupidity & major brain fade from Ubi when somethime that should be fun really becomes a chore & is an excercise in frustration. All in all it's not a bad game & is pretty free flowing & i'm pleased to see that Connor has retained Altair's & Ezio's magnetic charm (read velcro) by latching onto cllmbable objects when all I'm trying to do is run away from enemies but this will probably never be fixed & is a staple of Assassins Creed, I'm so used to it by now that if it wasn't there I could mistake this game as a Rockstar publication (hunting not withstanding). If they release a follow up game I hope they throw the killing of wildlife out altogether.