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12-28-2012, 12:22 PM
Hey yo. So I am currently knocking down 100% Stealth Rating on Hard difficulty for all the levels in Double Agent. The only thing stopping me from achieving 100% in every level is this last bomb difuse part with Emile and his 4 henchmen. Now Im sure it would be easier with a Portable Voice Emitter unlock, however I ended up getting that great unlockable bug where I couldnt unlock anything even though I had the stars for it. So here I am pulling my hair out for the last hour trying to diffuse this **** bomb to get my 100%.

Im currently working out this strategy where I whistle on top of the cannister with Emile in it which will aggro the 2 guards blocking the doorway. I will jump down and run inside the cannister in order to whistle Emile to leave his bomb area. When this finally works effectively (when the AI doesnt run into each other and spend 30 seconds shuffling to get around the other, or I dont get stuck on a wall) I am able to pick the safe lock, hack the bomb, but I always get freaking caught as Im pulling the crane down. I need to stall about 15 more seconds and I can not for the life of me figure out how to do that.

If anyone can provide me with tips or anything that can get me my 100% you will make me the happiest man alive. This is more annoying than trying to get 100% in Bathhouse FYI. Hopefully that can enlighten you on the pain Im going through :P

12-28-2012, 06:24 PM
To fix the bug you have with the equipment (must install patch (http://www.ubi.com/US/Downloads/Info.aspx?dlId=1931) 1.02)
You cannot pass this part without knocking out the guards,so use the noise device and whistle tactics to lure and KO the guards and Emile.
Watch this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5eDrIA1ZjU) if you need more help.

Note when you KO them you will lose some of your stealth points,but its very hard to disarm the bomb without the guards Being KO.

So a short answer its almost impossible to get a 100% rating in that level.

I have managed to get a 100% but i was very lucky.
1) distract all the guards in the far side of the room (including Emile) wait until the room is clear then
2)lockpick the bomb and distract them again (somewhere away from the bomb)
3)hack the bomb and distract them again
4)when you reach the crane mini game distract them again and start the minigame sequence (dont forget to save at a good spot)
and then its luck that will keep you from not being caught.

12-29-2012, 12:00 AM
Thanks for reply. Oh man Im getting frusturated. Ive finally figured out a way to beat this part without using a noise emitter or KOing anyone. Got super excited the first time once I defused the bomb, only for the SWAT Team in the cinematic cutscene to get stuck on the floor and not finish the scene. The 2nd time I managed to do it one of the SWAT guys shot and killed me during the cutscene and proceeded with an Assignment Failed (wtf...).

The main annoyance of not using an emitter and not KOing is how unreliable it is because of the AI. If I can get Emile to leave the bomb area, 75% of the time he will call one of his guards to follow him, only to get stuck on one that guard. The left guard when facing away from the door will occassionally follow my footsteps and even when he does, he seems to randomly turn around to his spot before he reaches his investigation point.

Any more help or tips would be great!

Edit: I am getting shot by SWAT every single time I do this now. Its during the cutscene so I have no control or view over my character. XBox version was so much easier haha

Edit #2: I am not so much sure as its SWAT thats killing me now or if its Emile who disappears after the cutscene. I think once the cutscene starts, Emile disappears, however his invisible body continues to patrol to the bomb during the cutscene. My god this is so annoying

Edit #3: Finally defused the bomb without Emile shooting me during cutscene. Was a massive sigh of relief, until I got 99% stealth rating instead of my 100% . I lost 1% for "number of bullets fired" which is obviously a bug, seeing how I didnt even pick up the SC-20K. I wonder what else could bug out on this level -.-

12-29-2012, 09:39 AM
^Splinter cell DA is a very buggy game :(, iv had the same problem you mentioned once, you MUST install patch 1.02 it fixes some things.
and then its pure luck if you get 100% or not.

Also Emile is the one that does the shooting not the SWAT (had the same problem),as i said its luck if you manage to do it or not.

as for the rating make sure you shoot jamie (in my game it didn't count as a shot fired)

Good luck if you decide to do it again. If you ask me there are so many bugs That ruin the experience that its not worth pursuing a 100% rating.