View Full Version : Display lag vs Camera-context controls

12-28-2012, 12:03 AM
I'm finding that, more than any previous AC or PoP-deriv, the AC3 controls are contextual to what the camera is doing rather than what your character is. Those of you who have ended up in the "strangle hold" while climbing sync-trees know what I mean. After seeing how high the lag setting was on RB3, I tried playing AC3 on a monitor instead of the TV and the controls were much, much easier to work with.

The most poignant comparison, for me, was open combat in Boston. On the TV, Connor is basically a pedestrian: there is no jumping-over, no sliding under, he collides with every single person/animal in every alley and on every corner. Pause the game, switch to the monitor, resume and ... a totally different experience.

If I want to climb a sync tree, I switch to the monitor now - it's actually possible to do it in a single run. On the TV, every single input has to be just enough to get connor started and then stop and wait a second or so. It's ridiculous.

It shows up in various other annoying ways, such as: If there is a body within 30ft of a caravan, I cannot loot it (on the TV); I cannot "interact" with peg leg trinkets, wanted posters, games, etc, that are on tables (connor having already decided to go into press-against-wall mode) without moving around like an arthritic to get exactly lined up and then only just close enough to get the "Interact" option up.

I realize there's nothing they can do about this at this point, I hope that in future ACs they'll try and factor this in a little so that what your character does has more to do with what you are doing than what the game-engine started doing to the camera but hasn't yet started showing on the display (AC3 actually made this a little worse because automatic camera-transitions affect the camera more slowly, but they affect the input system immediately, so it's not unusual for 50-75+ms to pass before the change in camera behavior has become discernible. Add 75-90ms for it to register with the human atop 16ms for the frames to definitely render and 45-75ms for display lag... That's 186-256ms from the console initiating a camera-context change to the first point at which the player can react to it.

Is it any surprise, then, that so many of the AC3-How-To videos feature so many wrong-moves? The work around for now, tho: Hook up to something with a lower display lag, like a monitor.