View Full Version : We hope your 95% to go120%

12-27-2012, 12:47 AM
So Ubisoft. After treating us like thiefs and non-gamers, we still bought your PC game, because we wanted it. I bought ALL THE OTHER GAMES. I even bought "The Fall". So I'm a thief? Does that give you right to spit on my face...no.. ON ALL PC GAMERS FACE BY GIVING US THIS LAME PORT? BY GIVING US A GAME THAT NOBODY CAN RUN? A GAME WITHOUT ASPECT RATIO CHANGES, OPTIMIZATION, LOW SETTINGS? BY GIVING US A GAME THAT HAS MORE BUGS THAN THE INITIAL SKYRIM? You are loosing the only PC customers you had. You should as well stop launching games on the PC. For all my fellow assassins and pc gamers. Since I know these thiefs won't listen to us, I've made a petition for them to optimize this console port into a proper game. Grab and share the link while these CEO's don't bring it down


If we don't get what we want, we should ALL demand a refund. We won't go quietly. We will unite