View Full Version : tBoston Underground Bug

12-24-2012, 09:22 PM
I couldn't find a dedicated section or thread for reporting bugs but, should one exist, feel free to move this there.

There are two problems I have encountered thus far with the Boston Underground.

1. Upon finding the exit to the Green Dragon Tavern, no fast travel icon appeared on my Underground minimap or map. I can still travel to and from the underground and overworld at that location, and fast travel to the Green Dragon Tavern from the Boston overworld where an icon DID appear, but I cannot fast travel to the Boston Underground exit that leads to the Green Dragon Tavern from anywhere in the Boston Underground like I can with all the other exits.

2. Upon finding the final exit, and for the life of me I can't remember which one I found last, my logbook says I found all fast travel stations in the NEW YORK Underground, and I haven't even gotten to New York yet. Any indictaion of the Boston Underground has been wiped from my logbook, seemingly replaced. I hope this will resolve itself when I progress to New York and I shall update accordingly.

I found the first two or three exits, including the Green Dragon Tavern one, during sequence 2 patch 1.02 and the rest today, during sequence 3 patch 1.03. The first set was quite some time ago and I don't remember much of it but if any additional information is needed I can attempt to give it. The rest is more fresh in my mind and was done between the Sequence 3 missions "Unconvinced" and "Execution is Everything."