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12-24-2012, 03:44 PM
First and formost, id like to start by saying ive been a fan, and player of the AC series since its origional release of AC...I hav eplayed AC1-Revelations MULTIPLE times each, still loving each runthrough as much as the 1st...Minor tweaks, and additions always kept it fresh and entertaining, without changing the base of what the game was..And its obviously worked, as its one of the most po[pular franchises out...So why change that? What reason was the control scheme completel;y remapped...It took me 8 hrs of forc ed combat, jusat to get comfortable..Eeverything down to view point buttons..ugh...

Anyway i didnt come here to B---h, though it sortve turneed into that...The question i have is this: IS it intended that ALL the collectables show up on your map immediately, without the purchase of collections maps, long BEFORE you ever get the mission to seek these collections out? Or is this some bug that can be remedied via a patch? If itds the bug, ill gladly wait fopr the patch and not play the game b4 itds ruined for me..Im already feeling like im being walked from point to point, in a 'connect the dots' style mission layout..

While the combat and environment are indeed gorgeous, id gladly accept the return of the old slash, slash, slash style if i thought it meant bringing back the challenge of combat...These redcoats might as while stand in line and take turns going one-on-one with connor, since they dont attack more than 1 or 2 at a time, no matter how many surround you..

I apologize thhat my post turned into a flame the gam,e text, but i cant help vbut feel extreme dissappointment..Ive been anticipating this game since i finished revelations, and it almost feels like 2 steps taken forward, while simultaniously taking two back! I wont even get into the "side quests", and how tacked on they feel...I dont even have my Assassins outfit yet, and already ive encountered several plot, control, and bug/glitch issues in this title...

Lets hear some of your experiences with the game..Be them poistive or negative..(spoilers aside please, not all are complete)

12-24-2012, 03:45 PM
My origional intent, was simply to ask if the collections are 'supposed' to be on my map b4 i get the missions to persue them, without purchase of ANY collection maps from a vendor.