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12-23-2012, 12:14 PM
Why is the climbing method so simple now?
Why have the controls been changed at all? There was nothing wrong with them as they were....
Why are there so few shops?
Why is the story so linear?

Gameplay has been badly eroded in this release. Very disappointed....:(
Bring back Ezio !

12-23-2012, 12:28 PM
1. It's not meant to be a challenge, why make it one?
2. To suit the new gameplay improvements.
3. Because they've been combined into 1 shop.
4. All of the AC's stories are linear it's not Mass effect.
As for Ezio coming back, well nobody wants it's and as much as I love him I'm over him, everybody is.
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12-23-2012, 12:33 PM
1) The reason they changed the climbing controls is the new tree navigation. Let's see if I can explain this :).

In earlier AC games X controlled all jumping. Unless you held down X, Ezio would not jump. This was problematic for the tree navigation, as the shapes are not right angled anymore. When you held down X Connor kept jumping to the ground. The solution Ubi decided on was to sepereate between small and big jumps. Big jumps were kept for the X-button, while small jumps now only needed the R2 button pressed. This ensured that players could jump from tree-branch to tree branch without the fear of jumping to the ground.

Why they don't require holding X to climb I honestly don't know as it makes running in tight corridors very clumpsy.

2) I don't see the problem with few shops. The towns in earlier games became a bit silly with Ezio owning all shops (and landmarks). Made the cities feel a bit too gamey.

3) Story is pretty complex actually. But I suppose you mean the mission design in the story campaign? Yeah that sucks and it makes me very sad. Hopefully this is not the direction this franchise will take from now on.

4) Gameplay is better than ever imo, but the mission design does everything it can to hide it sadly.

5) Ezio was awesome, an icon. But three games was enough I think. Connor has actually grown a bit on me. And his movements are just amazing.

12-23-2012, 08:13 PM
Why is the climbing method so simple now?Why have the controls been changed at all? There was nothing wrong with them as they were....Why are there so few shops?Why is the story so linear?Gameplay has been badly eroded in this release. Very disappointed....:(Bring back Ezio !I'm happy with the controls and the climbing methods, they're fun and all and the story is probably linear cause it's a finale.

I don't think anybody bought ACIII for any reason other than the story so they made Connor so it won't be just one adventure of Altair and the rest is Ezio and that's it, it will sound more like The Chronicles of Ezio (it's not that I mind that at all LOL, I wishhhh) but I guess they just wanted to experiment on a new environment with this one to see what to do for future game.As for the fewer ships and bringing back Ezio, I agree about this, I SOOOOO want Ezio (not because Connor is bad but cause he's grown much deeper in us and I think Brotherhood and Revelations deserve to be called ACIII and ACIV leaving this to be ACV) as they were all major entries not side stories but i understand the reason for not numbering them being connect to the same protagonist.