View Full Version : uwotfort?

12-23-2012, 08:54 AM
I'm in New York and I approach one particular fort (I'll get the name soon). Weirdly enough, it's not a restricted area (no red square on the map, none of the guards reacting to my presence, no instant high notoriety etc). All I had to do was simply walk in, destroy the gunpowder shed, kill the leader on his horse and then raise the flag. There was absolutely no challenge AT ALL. No need to stealth around. Didn't need to kill anyone except the one leader. Nobody got alerted by the gunpowder shed explosion. Hell, I even was able to pick the lock on the chest without being discovered. Was that meant to happen?!

You have a lot of strange bugs in your game, Ubisoft. I also was able to get horses stuck in a cart, so they continued to bob up and down and when Connor attempted to ride one he died...wat.

I'm pretty sure you saw one of my previous threads where using Fast Travel to a certain Shipmaster in Boston caused the map to load with no objects or AI except Connor, who was frozen in midair.

I have the gun issue too, except none of the guns duel-wield outside the homestead. Not even the Putnam-Picairn pistols.

Connor Derpway was has problems with the trees that you need to sync from. If he is able to get to the last bit of the climb, 9/10 he jumps off the tree. Now, I want to love the tree-running, but you need to show a little love back, AC3...

Also, I managed to drown a bear. Sort of. I chased it so it fell down a water-fall and it refused to chase me, and Connor refused to air-assassinate it.