View Full Version : Locked in High Profile (MP issue)

12-22-2012, 01:01 AM
I'm aware I might be wasting my time, but if anyone has an inkling as to what might be causing this it would be greatly appreciated.

I've had the game for roughly three weeks and been playing with the Xbox 360 controller. Everything works just fine in SP, and till yesterday the same could be said over in MP. For some reason every time I enter high profile mode, no matter for how long, it'll stay in that mode. I have to press down the RT button for a split second again for it to return to stealth mode and sometimes that won't even work. In other words, if I make a small sprint behind stalls to cut distance, stop and try to resume walking, 9/10 times the character will continue running and doing High Profile shenaigans.

It's weird, cause at first I thought it might have to do with the fact that I was blended in a moving crowd, but I tried it outside of blending groups and it still does it. It doesn't matter what mode/map I'm playing, I tried them all, it does the same for each. What I have noticed however is that it works just fine if my target isn't anywhere in sight, but the minute it does it kicks in. Oh and before someone mentions Hot Pursuit, I thought it might have been that perk, but it's not part of the main sets I use.

Also, if this should have been posted in the MP discussion instead, my apologies. I just figured as it was dealing with the PC, I'd post it here.