View Full Version : few funny & annoying bugs in AC3 Liberation, & a few tips

12-21-2012, 07:04 PM
Well, first I'll start with the annoying, more pestering bugs, for example,
1) If you lock the vita long enough to go to sleep (game running), & return,
It doesn't register rear touchpad when opening envelopes.
2) Using 'hold up to bright light' minigame is ******edly difficult when 'out & about'
kinda defeats the purpose of portability
3) some animations 'stick' randomly, forcing restart.
4) Lady persona.Cannot go up any slope (for enstance, the side of the ramp in the warehouse),.
& is almost screwed if she falls in water.

Few more, but they annoy me the most
Now for slightly less annoying:-
no spoilers, but we know this scene:
Through the entire cutscene, the parasol does not line up

Had a few of these, yanking bastards off of rooftops:
Quite funny actually, *sigh no ragdoll..

This one p!$$ed me off xD
Had to restart, got stuck mid-climb, tried to jump down & got stuck in animation
Wat tryin 2 grab a statue, took forever trying to refind it :p

Buddy with his head in a wall xD

Gator got Mad skillz

Sum short legs there..

But with all bugs, theres always a few awseome quircks to go with it (these are not necessarily bugs)
1) we all know to lower assassin notoriety you bribe currupt magistrates, did you know you can pickpocket the cost back from his guard
2) When surrounded by enemies, drop a smoke bomb, & attack with hidden blades, you can ruin 5+ in 2-3seconds
3) kill every gaurd you see as assassin, bribe magistrate, steal it back, & repeat to get theif trophy in about 5 minutes,
4) using tip 2, & sugarcane machete, you can get the corrosponding trophy in any central ary in town xD