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12-20-2012, 09:05 PM
Hello I am wanting to put out an idea that I think would realy bring the players into the assassins creed series. An Assassin's creed MMORPG. This is a different idea that some people like and others, not. The series needs some changes and players complain alot about the newest assassins creed 3. A massive multiplayer online game (hopefully not charging monthly fee) would help bring in new players to this franchise.

two factions - assassins and templars

customisable characters

customisable outfits robes ect and choices of wepons.

The pvp could either be like a traditional mmo pvp or an assassins creed multiplayer pvp.

As for story, your own assassin or templar will fight for the relics of eden or controll of citys. Pve content could be like team assassinate (boss) without being detected or using singleplayer combat to face off against the most formidable enemys.

Classes could be like
rogue-hidden blade priority and daggers
fighter-swords and maces
ranger-bows and crossbows
mentor-all weapons

I would like support on this idea. Please give feedback and modifications. Please spread this idea so maybe ubisoft might look into it