View Full Version : (READ THIS ) Make GRFS what all the other where Amazing!!

12-20-2012, 05:45 PM
This is a battle for the fans to make the game what is originally was and there was only one word Amazing

I'm sure that Ubi soft has given up on this game and has allowed this amazing franchise to die.. This is sad very very sad from a long time Ghost recon fan i have played all of them and still play GRAW 2 and Ghost Recon 2 / summit strike from time to time this is where Ghost Recon was a heavy weight but now, not so much i just wish that they would bring back 8v8 in multiplayer and Last man standing as well as Sharp Shooter but we all know that this will never happen due to the sheer fact that the developers will never hear the cry's of the fans and the people who make this game what it is. Those are the players. when you turn the game on and it take 10 minutes to get enough people to play a match you know its a sad day.. If only this could maybe be helped. Im sure im just wasting my breath or getting sore finger what ever comes first and no one will read this but still it has to be said i just want what was an amazing game and franchise to come back to life and win the title of all time great again....

The Response

I can assure you Ubisoft have not given up support for GRFS.

Please ensure you are contacting Technical Support with technical issues.

My Responce

My previous post wasn't a cry for help from Tech support, not one bit yes there are issues that have to be brought up and i understand that, but the game is now objective based and Ghost Recon won over the world and gained popularity with Last man standing and Sharp Shooter and now there gone. this was an amazing game and as a die hard fan i want to see it rise back from the ashes hell you could even name the DLC for Last man standing and Sharp shooter as Op Phoenix im not looking for a quick answer i want to get into contact with the right people on this matter...