View Full Version : Animus Hacks (PS3)

12-20-2012, 06:52 AM
So I was just wondering but as of this morning i had gotten the trophy Head in the Cloud, which means that I found all the pivots in the AC world, and the thing is I have two profiles one of them has all the unlocks an the other has all of them EXCEPT Season Changer my 1st file has beat the game (has the Season Changer Hack) , the 2nd one that I am working on currently (Does not have Season Changer Hack). So I was wondering if this is a glitch/bug that still needs to be looked into or if it is just the fact of having 2 profiles. Anyway if someone can give me a decent solution I would deeply appreciate it.

Also as of tonight like 20 minutes ago i got the pivots synched.